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Military members, Veterans and their families need our support.

On occasions like Remembrance Day, Canadians come together to honour the contributions and sacrifices of our many brave soldiers and Veterans. But, often, as the poppies worn over our hearts begin to disappear, so does the attention to the ongoing service-related challenges of our nation’s military community.

When these brave individuals are abroad, they are sustained and inspired by support from home. However, it is often the support they receive when they return home that is even more critical. Many of our soldiers are returning to a society that is ill-equipped to support them – a society that will never truly understand the stress of service and the atrocities of a war zone, nor the long-lasting impact on them and their families.

It's your turn to give thanks.

Your donation will directly impact the lives of our military, Veterans and their families.

The Mission:

Together, this is our Mission.

As Canadians, we need to harness the passion we feel for our military and Veteran families on November 11th, and find ways to express it throughout the year.

Currently there are over 639,900 Veterans and families in Canada. Every year, about 5,000 military personnel leave the service and join them.

When they’re strong, we’re stronger.

All Canadians can help change the lives of these brave individuals. We work to ensure that military members, Veterans and their families receive the support they need when they need it.

Our areas of focus:

See our work in action:

Hear how we've helped transform the lives of our Veterans.

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What your help means:

Every dollar donated helps us change the lives of more serving military members, Veterans and their families.