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The Bell True Patriot Love Fund supports projects that improve access to mental health care and support services for Canadian Armed Forces service members, Veterans and their families.

The Bell True Patriot Love Fund is a $3.1 million, multi-year initiative that provides annual grants of $5,000 to $75,000 to community mental health programs for serving military members, Veterans and their families.

Since 2013, the fund has provided 134 grants to organizations across the country that work to improve access to mental health care.

Please scroll down to see past recipients of the Bell True Patriot Love Fund. You can also learn more in our Impact Stories section. We are proud of the work our partners do!






Bell True Patriot Love Fund:

Applications are now open!

Deadline: May 2nd, 2024 at 8pm PST

Important: It is recommended that you review the Eligibility Criteria and Application Guidelines below before you apply.

To preview and download the application form, please click here. All applications must be submitted through the online form below. Please note that the online form must be completed & submitted all at once.

For more information, please contact Veanna Octive, Manager of Granting and Evaluation, at

Eligibility Criteria

All organizations and programs supported by this funding are required to have appropriate and relevant safeguarding processes, plus background and reference checks on staff and volunteers in place to ensure the safety and security of all participants.

Funding Requests: $5,000 – $75,000

Eligible Applicants: Canadian Registered Charities or, Nonprofits partnered with a Registered Charity that will assume financial responsibility for the grant in the event of approval

Focus: Mental Health Programming to benefit serving members, Veterans and/or their families

Preference will be given to organizations that:

* Demonstrate a successful program with a proven track record

* Collaborate with established mental health organizations or experts who are actively engaged as consultants or involved in program delivery

* Have secured the project funding required to launch or expand the program

* Offer programs with a regional scope, spanning across multiple provinces with the potential for national expansion




  • Programs that do not directly impact Canadian serving members, Veterans and/or military families Politically affiliated programs, organizations or lobbyists
  • Religious organizations
  • Individuals or individual families
  • Multimedia and art productions including films (documentary and feature), music and plays
  • Individual researchers
  • Staff salaries

Application Guidelines

In addition to the eligibility criteria noted above, preference will be given to projects that address and provide details on the requirements below.

  • The Bell True Patriot Love Fund supports projects that improve access to mental health care and support services for Canadian Armed Forces service members, Veterans and their families
  • Projects should leverage, expand or replicate proven programs and services already being offered by mental health agencies, MFRCs or other organizations that provide mental health care to military members, veterans, and military families
  • Only one project can be submitted per organization
  • Secured funding from other sources for the project is an asset
  • Applications should be evidence-based and must have clear objectives, a measurement plan, and specifically address project sustainability post funding
  • Expected number of beneficiaries/participants served and supported by the project
  • Detailed budget and supporting financial documents are provided and allow for a clear financial assessment
  • Include previous funding application status and other formal funding partnerships
  • Identify the exact budget expense to be supported by the Bell True Patriot Love grant
  • Demonstrated organizational capacity to execute the project
  • Strategy for continued funding after disbursed funds have been used
Expected Outcomes
  • Ability to communicate and promote the mental health program after a grant has been disbursed
  • Measurement of success of the program including potential impact of funding

Terms of Grant

The Bell True Patriot Love Fund provides annual funding.

The Bell True Patriot Love Fund may provide a grant amount for less than that requested. When this happens, the grantee must submit a revised budget within the amount approved.

An interim impact report and/or final impact report are mandatory for the Bell True Patriot Love Fund.


Visit Bell Let’s Talk

For more information, please contact Veanna Octive, Manager of Granting and Evaluation, at

Montreal MFRC – Providing a virtual meeting place for youth, offering connections despite frequent relocations. 

Mainland BC MFRC – Supporting military mothers coping with the loss of a child, fostering strategies for self-care over time. 

Veteran Transition Network – Helping Veterans and service members overcome trauma, improve mental health, and transition effectively. 

Central Saskatchewan MFRC – Empowering mental health, perseverance, and resiliency within the military community. 

Pacific Assistance Dog Society – Matching certified PTSD Service Dogs with military personnel and Veterans living with PTSD. 

Canadian Mental Health Association of York Region, South Simcoe – Offering Applied Suicide Intervention Training (ASIST) to military personnel, Veterans, and their families. 

Boots on The Ground – Providing mental health and holistic wellness interventions using sound healing, breathwork, yoga, and peer support. 

Hope + Me Mood Disorders Association of Ontario and Toronto – Assisting Veterans and their families in managing mental health challenges through peer support training. 

Quebec Veterans Foundation – Offering alternative therapies to provide Veterans and their families a safe space to re-energize during challenging transitions. 

Veteran Transition Network – Helping Veterans and service members overcome trauma, improve mental health, and transition effectively. 

Greenwood Military – Creating play spaces to support young military children’s mental health, inclusion, and sensory needs. 


4 Wing MFRC – To provide mental health training in suicide prevention and intervention through training with ASIST and Safe Talk for military members (including Military Fire Department), military family members, Veterans, and their family members. They are recognized by the Centre of Suicide Prevention Canada.

Suffield MFRC – First time offered at Suffield MFRC in SE Alberta. ASIST training in two-day workshop.

Pacific Assistance Dog Society – Under this project, PADS will breed, train, and match certified PTSD Service Dogs with military personnel and Veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in British Columbia and Alberta.

Veteran Transition Network – VTN seeks funding to deliver a 5-day in-person retreat for Veterans (men) that focuses on important psycho-educational programming, such as mental health, communication skills (including with spouses and children), goal setting, and transition from service.

Valcartier MFRC – CMFRV aims to develop and offer a mental health intervention program for children, parents, and adults within their catchment.

Quebec Veterans Foundation – Funding will go towards programs including Music Activities, Recreational Yoga, Pet Therapy, and Wellness/Physical Activities. These activities have been part of their veteran’s community life for many years.

Goose Bay MFRC – Funding will expand on Goose Bay MFRC’s existing child and youth programming to offer specialized services that target the mental health needs of military children and youth

Princes Trust Canada – This project will expand PTC’s work nationally and provide Veterans, military support organizations, OE volunteers, and staff with comprehensive mental health resources, including two new components that address racialized communities and Veteran business owner community, as well as community training and awareness of available supports.

Prince’s Trust Canada (National) – This project will expand OE’s work nationally through bootcamps, workshops and mentorship to provide Veterans, military support organizations, OE volunteers and staff, with comprehensive mental health resources, including four new modules, as well as community training and awareness of available supports.

Wounded Warriors Canada – The Warriors Kids program is grounded in the understanding and responsiveness to the impact of trauma and emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors. Warrior Kids aims to empower children to increase their capacity for developing resilience. They will deliver two additional six-week virtual kids camp programs to 30 kids and youth of uniformed service personnel.

Guitars for Vets / Veterans Emergency Transition Services (VETS) Canada – The Guitars for Vets program is based on a simple concept: veterans (CAF/RCMP) who suffer with PTSD or other service-related disabilities are provided with a new or gently used guitar and matched up with a volunteer guitar instructor, if available, for 10 weeks of free lessons. Veterans will receive a once in a lifetime experience of working with Canadian celebrity guitarists and/or singer/songwriters and highlight their skills on stage following lessons.

Calgary Military Family Resource Centre – The Calgary MFRC are looking to partner with MindBeacon to provide digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, designed to effectively help people struggling with symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic disorder, and sleep problems. This clinically proven approach, guided by a therapist, helps people become more resilient to life’s many challenges.

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society (PADS) – Under this project, PADS will breed, train, and match certified PTSD Service Dogs with military personnel and Veterans living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in British Columbia and Alberta. This program will assist Veterans living with PTSD to return to normal daily living, reintegrate into their communities, and participate more fully in work and social activities.

Trenton Military Family Resource Centre – In this train-the-trainer program, participants will be trained to become certified facilitators of PEERs to provide support and training for groups of youth in grades 7 to 12. Funding will be directed to Ontario based trainers. By increasing youth’s abilities to make friends, understand social cues, and how to manage and avoid bullying, the program will increase their life skills and social skill development and build upon their resiliency and capacity for healthy and strong mental health and wellbeing.

Team Rubicon Canada – This an intensive, service-based program that will help foster and grow a thriving community of veteran emergency management leaders, empowering them to own the narrative of their transition and integration into civilian life. This intensive eight-week group experience will see cohorts of 12 Team Rubicon veterans immersed in guided discussions, focused on strengthening mental health through self-awareness, resilience, and peer support. This program will equip Canada’s Warriors with the tools and community to navigate the challenging times of transition and the impact it has on mental health and sense of being.

Quebec Veterans Foundation – The QVF offers a program of wellness activities designed to optimize the mental health and quality of life of Veteran women and men and to support the treatment/care offered to them. Funding will support the improvement of mental health through Music Activities, Recreational Yoga, Pet Therapy and Wellness/Physical Activities.

Centre de ressources pour les familles militaires Valcartier – Expansion of MindBeacon’s services through virtual appointments. In addition, during COVID- 19, access to health services and appointments with doctors has deteriorated in a context that was already complicated before in the province of Quebec. Funding will support mental health program delivery through virtual delivery of Bonjour Santé’s services and thus facilitate access to care.

Halifax & Region Military Family Resource Centre – Access to mental health support in the community is limited and has long wait times, this challenge is even more compounded for Francophone military families. This project would allow contracting out services to a Francophone social worker/counsellor on an as need/ as requested basis. This approach means Francophone families will have access to the same supports as all military families, which means no wait time, appointments can be accessed at either H&R MFRC site for family’s convenience, or via online platform.

Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia – The proposed project is an extension of the existing foundation program at Landing Strong that will focus on adding resources and capacity to a mental health support platform for members of the military, Veterans and first responder communities. The Foundation’s program, based on a clinical therapeutic framework, provides intensive day treatments to clients who have suffered operational stress injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to their service.





Legacy Place Society, Alberta – Responding to the increased need for mental health crisis support as a result of COVID-19.

Québec Veterans Foundation, Québec – Yoga and Meditation program with social distancing in place.

Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC), Québec – In-person with social distancing and virtual mental health supports through Beacon telemedicine for military families in rural Eastern Québec.

Veterans Transition Network, Nova Scotia – Virtual psycho-educational programming in Atlantic Canada.

4 Wing MFRC Society: This Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) will facilitate various programs which provide mental health support and suicide prevention/intervention services.

Kids Help Phone: Through their Crisis Text Line, free 24/7 support and information will be available by text to youth in military families.

Mood Disorders Society of Canada: Veteran participants will take part in six evidence-based peer support workshops led by a mental health worker.

New Brunswick MFRC: Recipient of grants for two programs that will provide support to children and parents who have a child with oppositional defiant disorder.

Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Association: The association will provide three-day workshops that offer Mental Health First Aid and case studies, ensuring participants have the proper skills to support military members and Veterans facing mental health challenges.

Prince’s Trust Canada: The organization will train program volunteers in Mental Health First Aid, giving them the tools to assist medically-released Veterans in their entrepreneurial business bootcamp.

Quebec Veterans Foundation: Veterans who are served by Ste. Anne Hospital’s operational stress injury and pain management clinics will benefit from music therapy, yoga/mindfulness training and pet therapy.

Roots of Empathy: The organization delivers it’s year-long, evidence based classroom program to schools with high populations of children from military families.

Toronto MFRC: Professional development in the Theraplay model of child and family play therapy will be provided to staff members. This will enhance family mental health and wellness and improve family resilience within the Canadian Armed Forces.

Veterans Transition Network: The organization will provide formal training to better equip Veteran graduates (paraprofessionals) who help run group therapy sessions for Veterans facing challenges related to the transition to civilian life.


4 Wing Military Family Resource Centre Society: The Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) workshop is an interactive program that helps members of military families identify signs of suicide risk and learn suicide intervention skills.

Calgary Science Centre Society: Weekend, age-specific mental health workshops will provide parents and children of military and Veteran families with support and help them develop skills to manage stress, de-stigmatize mental illness and build resiliency skills.

Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre: Mental health-related podcasts will fill the gap for those who do not live close to a Military Family Resource Centre or may be limited in their ability to attend programs in person.

Gagetown Military Family Resource Centre: In the 13-week Parenting the Child With Oppositional Defiant Disorder program, families are supported with improved parent knowledge, resourcefulness and a reduction in mental stress, leading to improved family relationships.

Greenwood Military Family Resource Centre: Deployment services provide a practical kit filled with supplies, inspiration and information on community mental health resources for spouses of Canadian Armed Forces members who have been deployed for at least one month. This program will augment the other deployment services and the pre-deployment information package offered by the centre.

Legacy Place Society: The evidence-based Mental Health First Aid course helps correctional officers, probation officers and sheriffs with a history of military service develop crisis first aid skills.

Mood Disorders Society of Canada: Veterans in the national, 2-day Peer and Trauma Support Systems (PATSS) program will earn a certificate in evidence-based peer support training.

Outward Bound Canada: The Bay of Fundy Veterans’ Course is a week-long wilderness resilience program designed to help Veterans face the challenges they may encounter both during and after transition from a military career to civilian life. Veterans participate in peer-supported healing and self-discovery activities in the Canadian outdoors.

Pacific Assistance Dogs Society: Under this pilot program, trained and certified Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) service dogs will be matched with Veterans living with Operational Stress Disorder (OSI).

Petawawa Military Family Resource Centre: Through a suite of wellness clinics, both adults and youth of military families will receive comprehensive mental health support to address challenges related to deployment, parenting, transition and other relevant topics.

Prince’s Trust Canada: The Modified Mental Health First Aid course provides training for volunteer business mentors in Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur’s business bootcamp for Veterans.

Quebec Veterans Foundation:  Therapeutic interventions delivered by professional therapists relieve stress, lower depression, increase self-acceptance and provide a sense of belonging. Activities include music therapy, pet therapy and yoga/mindfulness sessions.

Roots of Empathy: This evidence-based classroom program delivered by trained professionals results in increased levels of social and emotional learning. Trained professionals will deliver specialized programs and services that promote health, education and social well-being for military families.

Team Rubicon Canada: A sustainable mental health support program, as well as a community for Veteran and community volunteers trained in disaster response, will be established. The ASIST program will form part of the foundation for a self-sustained peer support network for volunteers.

Veterans Transition Network: With expanded capacity for a group and peer-focused mental health program offered in French, complete translation services for all outreach, programming, organizational and clinical materials ensure equal level of care between French and English speaking Veterans.

VETS Canada: Guitars for Vets provides guitar lessons for Veterans and currently serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces who have sustained a service-related injury. The program offers a peer-supported environment to reduce social isolation and social anxiety with the support of a guitar instructor.

Winnipeg Military Family Resource Centre: The youth mental health well-being educational series will provide preventative, psycho-educational and experiential opportunities for youth and their families. Programming will help participants build self-esteem, as well as strategies for self-care, mindfulness and empowerment.

Wounded Warriors Canada: Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Association will provide Mental Health and Suicide Awareness Training including Mental Health First Aid. The program will share community resources and case studies related to suicide, challenges of transition, couples support and other mental health-related concerns.


Legacy Place Society: Legacy Place Houses offer short-term, confidential housing for military personnel receiving mental health assistance and support during crisis situations. Houses are located in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta.

Mainland BC MFRC: “Surviving Sorrow II: Mothers of Fallen Soldiers Enlarging the Circle”  will provide mothers of the fallen with the tools to prepare themselves and to communicate their experiences with other mothers media, schools, and military.

Mood Disorders Society of Canada: Men’s trauma support program in Perth, Ontario, for military personnel living with PTSD.

Moose Jaw MFRC: Families Over Coming Under Stress (FOCUS) provides resilience training for military families. The program was designed to help families develop skills to better manage the challenges that arise from military lifestyle, transitioning to civilian life and operational stress injuries.

National Service Dogs: Certified Service Dogs for military personnel and Veterans living with PTSD based in Cambridge, Ontario.

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre Foundation: This creative arts program promotes, maintains and restores the mental, physical and spiritual health of their Veteran residents.

Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurial education, tools and resources for transitioning Veterans across the country who are interested in starting their own businesses. Funding will assist boot camp participants who are released due to medical conditions, such as PTSD, to find a new civilian mission and their own success.

Roots of Empathy: This evidence-based preventative intervention program will help children foster their development of empathy and emotional literacy to reduce levels of bullying, aggression, and violence, and promote children’s pro-social behaviours to prepare students for responsible citizenship and responsive parenting.

St. John’s MFRC: This equine facilitated treatment program will work to strengthen the resilience and enhance coping and communication skills for military families. 

Veterans Transition Network:  This 10-day group-based retreat for CAF Members and Veterans is designed to help them overcome barriers to transition into civilian life. This includes counselling, OSI symptom management, psycho-education, peer-support and skill development in a group setting.

Wounded Warriors Canada COPE Program: The Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday (COPE) Program seeks to give hope to couples struggling with PTSD in their homes for a healthier and happier future.

4 Wing MFRC Society: The Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) program offers workshops in Cold Lake, AB and surrounding communities to provide front-line workers and community members with intervention skills training.

  • Equi-Sens: Based in Terrebonne, Québec, Equi-sens offers equine therapy for military personnel and Veterans living with PTSD and their families.
  • Guitars for Vets: Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this program offers peer support through guitar lessons and music therapy for Veterans with PTSD across Canada.
  • Legacy Place Society: Legacy Place Houses offer short term, confidential housing for military personnel receiving mental health assistance and support during crisis situations. Houses are located in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta.
  • Mood Disorders Society of Canada: Women’s trauma support program in Perth, Ontario, for military personnel living with PTSD.
  • Murphy’s Legacy Society: Bilingual group support therapy delivered through the COPE Program – “Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday.”
  • National Service Dogs: Certified Service Dogs for military personnel and Veterans living with PTSD based in Cambridge, Ontario.
  • PEI MFRC: A web-based peer support program for caregivers in military families across the province.
  • Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur: Entrepreneurial education, tools and resources for transitioning Veterans across the country who are interested in starting their own businesses. Funding will assist the 74% of boot camp participants who are released due to medical conditions, such as PTSD, to find a new civilian mission and their own success.
  • St. John’s MFRC, Newfoundland: A pilot equine treatment program to improve mental health resilience and enhance coping and communication skills for military families.
  • Strongest Families Institute: Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this program provides evidence-based distance coaching to military families with children living with anxiety and behavioural concerns. This funding will support Canadian Rangers families in Northern Ontario, the majority of whom are Indigenous.
  • Trenton MFRC, Ontario: In partnership with the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Trenton MFRC will deliver workshops focused on developing resiliency within military families.
  • University of Manitoba: Classroom delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness course in mental resilience, will provide training for mental health professionals and peer support staff to improve services for the military community in Manitoba.
  • Veterans Transition Network: Clinically driven, peer support program to assist Veterans living with mental illness. This grant will allow VTN to expand the program in Québec and Manitoba.

* All funding is directed toward Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families.

* Bell True Patriot Love Fund 2016 decisions were approved by the True Patriot Love Board of Directors at a meeting held on September 27, 2016, in Toronto, Canada.

  • PEI MFRC – OPERATION: Building Bridges
  • Greenwood MFRC: Fun Friends, Friends for Life, Friends Youth, Kids have Stress Too
  • Strongest Families Institute: Evidence-based Distance Coaching for Mental Health in Children
  • St. Anne’s Hospital Foundation: Introduction to yoga and mindfulness techniques for Veterans, military personnel and their families
  • Equi-Sens: Equine therapy for PTSD with use of EAGALA model
  • Borden MFRC: “From Darkness to Light” – Youth Mental Health Summit
  • London MFRC: Supporting Adult Children with Operational Stress Injury
  • Toronto MFRC: Strengthening the Pillars of Military Families’ Mental Health
  • The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre Foundation: Perley Rideau Recreation and Creative Arts Program
  • Calgary MFRC: Moving Forward Retreat
  • Winnipeg MFRC: Friends for Life, Fun Friends – Evidence-based programs to provide children and families tools to deal with stress, anxiety and change
  • Mainland BC MFRC: Empowering Resiliency Retreat
  • Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur: National program for ill and injured transitioning CAF members interested in starting their own business
  • Veterans Transition Network: Expansion of clinically guided Veteran transition program to Québec and Ontario
  • Legacy Place Society: Legacy Place Houses for crisis situations
  • Halifax & Region MFRC: Resiliency Training for the unique military lifestyle
  • Greenwood MFRC: 2015 Family-focused mental health wellness programming
  • Valcartier MFRC: Mental Health Therapeutic Support Groups
  • Hope Reins: War Horse Project – Equine Therapy for PTSD
  • Phoenix Centre: Petawawa Mental Health Walk-In Clinic
  • Toronto MFRC: Training for Couples Therapy
  • North Bay MFRC: OSSIS Family-focused wellness therapy
  • London MFRC: Relationship Tools for Military Couples
  • Winnipeg MFRC: Women’s Conference Promoting Mental Health And Resiliency
  • Shilo MFRC: OSISS Family Retreat
  • Central Saskatchewan MFRC: Mental Health First Aid Certificate for Veterans
  • Esquimalt MFRC: Smooth Transition to Civilian Life
  • Mainland BC MFRC: Family Communication Course
  • Veterans Transition Network: Expansion of VTN program to Québec
  • Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur: National expansion of entrepreneurship workshops for veteran
  • Paws Fur Thought: Service Dogs for Veterans
  • Greenwood MFRC: School Liaison Coordinating access to mental health supports
  • Halifax MFRC: Focus on Women’s Wellness: Mind Body Spirit
  • Valcartier MFRC: Youth Mental Health Prevention
    NCR MFRC: Strengthening Our Families
  • Toronto MFRC: Dynamic Military Family Workshop Series
  • London MFRC: Monthly OSISS meetings
  • Petawawa MFRC: Youth of Parents who have experienced trauma
  • Winnipeg MFRC: Family Support Tools and Tips, Children’s Book: When a Parent is Ill or Injured
  • Central Saskatchewan MFRC: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Moose Jaw MFRC: Resiliency Training for Families Affected by OSI
  • Mainland BC: Surviving Sorry II: Self-Care for Silver Cross Mothers and Fathers
  • Comox MFRC: Clinical Training: Couple’s Counselling, Family Violence Prevention
  • Outward Bound Canada: Adventure-based resiliency training for veterans
  • Veterans Transition Network: Peer-to-Peer workshops for Veterans living with PTSD