It is our mission to inspire every Canadian to contribute to the resilience and well-being of our military and Veteran families.

Together, we can support Stronger Military Families.

True Patriot Love is a national charity that supports military families, funds community-based programs, and contributes to the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.

We are uniquely positioned to be able to understand the greatest needs of Canadian military families and then activate the resources required to deliver the most significant impact.

  • Our national perspective allows us to work toward ensuring that military and Veteran families receive the same level of support no matter where they live, while also allowing us to tailor our funding to the unique needs of the local community.
  • Our agility and flexibility allows us to fund promising community programs that are still in the proof-of-concept stage and, once success is proven, raise additional funds to take them national.
  • Our robust funding application process, which includes a Disbursement Advisory Committee consisting of experts from a variety of sectors, ensures that funding goes toward the programs that offer the most immediate, and most significant, impact.
  • Our partnership with the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research allows us to leverage a comprehensive system of national research capabilities, which ensures we are funding the best, most innovative and most impactful research initiatives.

These are our stories

  • Meet Sheila Miller

    True Patriot Love has funded more than 120 mental health programs for military and Veteran families. Families like Sheila’s.

  • Meet Thomas White

    True Patriot Love helps Veterans transition to civilian careers. Veterans like Tom. With our help, he has been able to turn his passion into a business.

  • Meet Stephen Beardwood

    True Patriot Love funds mental health programs for Veterans and their families. Veterans like Stephen. With our help, he’s using music to heal himself and others.

It’s #ThanksgivingDay and we are thankful for all the military members, Veterans and their families who have and continue to serve our country. Follow the link to share your message of gratitude with the military and Veteran community: #HappyThanksgiving tplfoundation photo

Thanks @BizBash for naming the True Patriot Love Tribute Gala as one of your top 100 events in Canada. The gala is Canada’s largest fundraising event that pays tribute to the military & Veteran community, a community that shows their love for our country through selfless service. tplfoundation photo

That’s another wrap! Thanks to @tplfoundation for sponsoring this amazing @MoodDisordersCa PATSS #peersupport training - Learning together with @SydGravel @gwigle @HeyWriterGrrl @BadgeLifeCanada @YRP @YorkCISM together we are stronger 🇨🇦🍁 tplfoundation photo

Congratulations to Sgt. Shilo Adamson, for being honoured at the @MapleLeafs game last night for her active military service and volunteer work with True Patriot Love Foundation. Way to go, Sgt. Adamson! #LeafsTroops tplfoundation photo

Thank you @tplfoundation for supporting #MentalHealth training for boot camp volunteers. Students – many of whom had little or no interaction with veterans outside of the program – gained an appreciation for their role in helping veterans transition #MIAW19 tplfoundation photo

This #WorldMentalHealthDay, we recognize the important work of the ASIST program, which trains military members, Veterans and their families, along with program partner staff to identify if someone is at risk of suicide and intervene. Thank you for all you do. tplfoundation photo