Meet Erin

The magic to our cream-filled croissants is the right ratio of croissant and filling. Ours has been perfected and we are always rotating flavours and trying new things: this week is Nutella, my personal favourite is lemon. My husband Sean and I run this bakery ourselves: he does the baking and back-of-house and I run the front-of-house. Sean’s day starts at 2:00AM, mine starts at a more reasonable 4:30 AM and everything is hand made, every day.

Sean and I were both in the military: artillery and logistics. He deployed a lot. I was stationed with the helicopter squadron in Victoria. Our military lives were busy and hectic, and we always had a dream of opening a bakery together. I heard about the Prince’s Trust Operation Entrepreneur Bootcamp and it kicked us into gear. I went to the 10-day retreat and it was one of the best opportunities I had while in the military. In this environment, my ideas were confirmed, supported, and improved. It gave me confidence, and a network to lean into.

The transition from military to civilian life is scary. I’m so grateful I was able to get this boost. Thanks to this program, I had the confidence to make that leap, and be supported with a network. I guess the comfort zone is different, but I still feel I have a safety net. I have a network of fellow serving members and veterans who share a goal of entrepreneurship. Thank you to everyone who helped us while we live our dream!