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Episode 4 – Sgt. GerriAnne Davidson on challenging your limits

Episode 4

Sergeant GerriAnne Davidson on challenging your limits


Guest Speaker


GerriAnne Davidson

Sgt GerriAnne Davidson discusses the lessons she’s learned on her many deployments, and how ultra running in the mountains has helped her in her military career.

About GerriAnne

Sgt GerriAnne Davidson grew up in Penticton, BC and joined the military September 10, 2001 as an armoured crewman.

She was stationed to Regiment, LdSH (RC) in April 2002 and shortly after was sent on an Operation for the G8 summit in Kananaskis. In 2003, She deployed to Bosnia as a coyote driver.

Her next deployment took place in 2006, when she deployed to Afghanistan on the first deployment of tanks, as a leopard c2 tank gunner. When a member on the next rotation got injured, she volunteered to stay in his place for a month. However, as soon as she completed post deployment leave, training for the next rotation started and she deployed a second time to Afghanistan in 2008.

Upon returning to Canada, she completed her PLQ and ARCC (armoured recce crew commanders) courses.

Always pushing herself to new levels, Gerri began competing in Ex Mountain Man races. And by 2011, she attempted the Canadian Death Race Solo (125km) and was part of the Bde team. It took her 4 attempts before she completed the race in 2014.
In 2013 Gerri was promoted to Sgt and posted back to the Regiment. In 2018 she deployed to Jordan as part of Roto 0 in order to mentor the FET platoon in Jordan. An extremely rewarding tour training female recruits, Gerri received the CJOC Commanders accommodation for her work in Jordan.

Gerri has not raced over 50km since 2014, but if Ex Mountain Man still happens this year, it’ll be be her 10th time competing. Last year she came in 3rd place, hitting a personal record at 6 hrs 29min. It is her goal to crush the women’s overall record while in the masters category which will be reachable in 2022.

Gerri currently resides in Edmonton with her two dogs.



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