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True Patriot Love Presents

For Her Country

an Original Podcast


Season 1 Preview

For Her Country is a compelling podcast series that aims to inspire and educate listeners by profiling inspirational women leaders in the Canadian military. Each episode dives into their stories and provides perspective on life within the military from base training to deployments and the painful failures and stunning achievements that followed. The podcast is in honour of Captain Nichola Goddard, a young Artillery Officer who deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 and became the first Canadian woman soldier to die in a combat role at only 26 years old. Capt Goddard was an exceptional leader and a trailblazer, and the podcast guests model these qualities.

True Patriot Love understands the pivotal role women play in the military. Through the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund, we provide grants to programs that support servicewomen, Veteran women and families in need. The fund was founded by the Goddard family in memory of Nichola and has been managed on the family’s behalf by True Patriot Love since 2018.

Help us make a positive difference in the lives of servicewomen, Veteran women and their families by donating to the fund today.

On July 6, 2020, True Patriot Love will be hosting a Virtual Fireside Chat. Guests of the podcast will dive deeper into the podcast themes and their experience in the military through a live Virtual Fireside Chat. Learn more and register today.




Episode 5

Sergeant Leslie Blair on Setting Big Goals

Sergeant Leslie Blair is an Aviation Systems Technician in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the most recent recipient of the Captain Nichola Goddard Award. She shares with us how setting big goals has motivated her and how being recognized for her work in the military and for her philanthropic efforts changed her life.

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Episode 4

Sergeant GerriAnne Davidson on Challenging Your Limits

Sgt GerriAnne Davidson discusses the lessons she’s learned on her many deployments, and how ultra running in the mountains has helped her in her military career.

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Episode 3

Warrant Officer Avril Jno-Baptiste-Jones on finding your own path

Warrant Officer Avril Jno-Baptiste-Jones shares her story of finding stability, confidence and professional success in the military after immigrating to Canada as a young girl.

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Episode 2

Lieutenant Colonel Eleanor Taylor on the Value of Hard Conversations

Lieutenant Colonel Eleanor Taylor recently completed a remarkable 25 year career as a Regular Force Infantry Officer. Eleanor candidly shares stories of painful and embarrassing failures and why she is grateful for them today. Eleanor also discusses her journey into motherhood, her transition from full-time service to part time service, and her initial steps into entrepreneurship.

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Episode 1

Major Jaime Phillips on Embracing Authentic Leadership

Major Jaime Phillips shares her experience attending the Royal Military College with Captain Nichola Goddard and discusses the challenges she faced as the first female artillery troop commander deployed to Kandahar. Jaime reminds us that sometimes you just need to accept that not everyone is going to like you, but that this can help build your leadership and resiliency.

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Hosted By


Shannon Busta



Katrina Bolak

Executive Producer

Special Thanks

Thank you to RBC for their support as the presenting sponsor of this podcast series. True Patriot Love would also like to thank Shannon Busta and Katrina Bolak for hosting and writing this important series, as well as Theresa Sapara and Philip Grosch for their work in the production of the podcast, in collaboration with Treble Victor.

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Katrina Bolak

Katrina Bolak is an award-winning marketer and seasoned communications professional. She has a passion for podcasting that led her to executive produce two podcasts for The Globe and Mail and launch The Globe’s podcasting efforts. She holds an HBAA in Media Studies from the University of Guelph, a Diploma in PR from Humber College and an Executive MBA from the Ivey School of Business at Western University. Katrina lives in Toronto with her husband Dan, their rescue pup Parker and two cats Duncan and Vivica.


Philip Grosch


Philip is a board member for the True Patriot Love Foundation and the sponsor behind the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund Podcast.


Philip is a passionate supporter of veterans with a focus on supporting their transition and success in post-military careers. In addition to his role on the True Patriot Love Foundation board, he is the President of Treble Victor Group (3V is a Veterans organization focused on supporting members in their post military careers www.treblevictor.org) . He has been awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition for his support of veterans.


In his professional career, Philip is a Consulting Partner at PwC, based in Toronto. Currently he is the executive responsible for the firm's global sales transformation program.


Philip has become a somewhat unexpected sponsor and joint-architect of PwC’s innovative and award winning leadership program targeted at top talent, mid-career women. The program started in 2013, when it became clear that although our entry level hiring was equal, we were losing top talent mid career women at a significantly higher rate than their male counterparts. In 2017, the program was expanded to include participants from other organizations. Today more than 400 talented women have graduated from the program. Our retention of talent is now close to 90%, and 21% of the PwC alumni have joined the executive (partner) ranks.


Philip is a 2016 Catalyst Canada Honours Champion in the Business Leader category, recognized for his exceptional corporate leadership and transformational contributions to advancing women and inclusion in the workplace. He is an Advisory Board Member for WNORTH and past advisory board member for WXN Canada’s 100 Most Powerful Women.

Shannon Busta

Shannon Busta is an award-winning digital journalist based in Toronto. Prior to joining The New York Times she worked at The Globe and Mail as a video producer and audience strategist. She holds an Executive MBA from Western University’s Ivey School of Business and a Master of Journalism from Ryerson University. She loves running, cycling and spending time outdoors with her partner Sam Riches.


Captain (Ret’d) Theresa Sapara, CD, MBA


Theresa joined the military as a private soldier before being selected for officer and university training, after which she worked for combat, special forces and combat-support units as a logistic officer, in Canada and in Haiti. True to her competitive and driven nature, she also qualified as a military parachutist and competed in the military Ironman competition.


Seeking further opportunities to develop and broaden the application of the leadership skills learned as a soldier, she left the Army and has quickly established herself as a mid-ranking commercial leader with a track record of changing business focus and processes to better exploit new strategic environments. This included working within the retail, mining and professional services industries before being appointed as a manager for Amazon Web Services based in Toronto.


Theresa holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Ottawa and an MBA from the Ivey School of Business. In addition to spending time with her family, she volunteers as a Board Member for the Treble Victor Group (a Veterans organization) and UForChange (a youth arts program).