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True Patriot Love Presents

For Her Country

an Original Podcast



For Her Country is a compelling podcast series that aims to inspire and educate listeners by profiling inspirational women leaders in the Canadian military. Each episode dives into their stories and provides perspective on life within the military from base training to deployments and the painful failures and stunning achievements that followed. The podcast is in honour of Captain Nichola Goddard, a young Artillery Officer who deployed to Afghanistan in 2006 and became the first Canadian woman soldier to die in a combat role at only 26 years old. Capt Goddard was an exceptional leader and a trailblazer, and the podcast guests model these qualities.

True Patriot Love understands the pivotal role women play in the military. Through the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund, we provide grants to programs that support servicewomen, Veteran women and families in need. The fund was founded by the Goddard family in memory of Nichola and has been managed on the family’s behalf by True Patriot Love since 2018.

Help us make a positive difference in the lives of servicewomen, Veteran women and their families by donating to the fund today.

Stay connected with For Her Country by joining the For Her Country Facebook group and following the For Her Country LinkedIn showcase page.


Season 2


Episode 11

Master Corporal (Retired) Natalie Forcier on creating your next chapter

MCpl (Retired) Natalie Forcier served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Medical Technician from 2002-2016. Upon retiring from the military she struggled with the transition from military to civilian life. On this episode of For Her Country, Natalie shares her journey of healing and starting fresh.

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Episode 10

Able Seaman Yvette Yong on being number one in the world

Able Seaman Yvette Yong joined the Navy in 2010 as a reservist. On this episode of For Her Country, Yvette shares her path to number one, lessons in leadership and how being a professional athlete has helped her in the military.

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Episode 9

Captain (Retired)  Mary Ann Barber on putting your own oxygen mask on first

Captain (Retired) Mary Ann Barber is a passionate healer who has saved countless lives all while working in conditions that would send many of us running for cover. On this episode of For Her Country, Mary Ann shares her journey and words of wisdom for self-care and healing.

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Episode 8

Lieutenant (Navy) Jenn Martin on rising to the challenge

On this episode of For Her Country we spend time at sea with Lt(N) Jenn Martin, who joined the Canadian Armed Forces in April 2004 as a Maritime Surface Officer and managed to deploy to Afghanistan, a mission in a landlocked country, in 2010.

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Special Episode

A moving discussion with trailblazing women in the Canadian Armed Forces

On this special episode, we’ll hear the live recording of the fireside chat, which dives deeper into the themes discussed in the previous episodes: diversity and inclusion, resiliency and leadership.

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Episode 7

Dr. Henry on the power of empathy and kindness

On this episode of For Her Country, Dr. Henry speaks about the need for empathy and compassion and how these traits contribute to effective leadership.

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Episode 6

Artillery Officer Anne Reiffenstein on the cost of being first

In this episode we dive into what it is like to be one of the first female Field Artillery Officers and the challenges when change is introduced from the top down. We also learn how her experience shaped her leadership style in her career.

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Season 1


Episode 1

Major Jaime Phillips on Embracing Authentic Leadership

Major Jaime Phillips shares her experience attending the Royal Military College with Captain Nichola Goddard and discusses the challenges she faced as the first female artillery troop commander deployed to Kandahar. Jaime reminds us that sometimes you just need to accept that not everyone is going to like you, but that this can help build your leadership and resiliency.

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Episode 2

Lieutenant Colonel Eleanor Taylor on the Value of Hard Conversations

Lieutenant Colonel Eleanor Taylor recently completed a remarkable 25 year career as a Regular Force Infantry Officer. Eleanor candidly shares stories of painful and embarrassing failures and why she is grateful for them today. Eleanor also discusses her journey into motherhood, her transition from full-time service to part time service, and her initial steps into entrepreneurship.

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Episode 3

Warrant Officer Avril Jno-Baptiste-Jones on finding your own path

Warrant Officer Avril Jno-Baptiste-Jones shares her story of finding stability, confidence and professional success in the military after immigrating to Canada as a young girl.

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Episode 4

Sergeant GerriAnne Davidson on Challenging Your Limits

Sgt GerriAnne Davidson discusses the lessons she’s learned on her many deployments, and how ultra running in the mountains has helped her in her military career.

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Episode 5

Sergeant Leslie Blair on Setting Big Goals

Sergeant Leslie Blair is an Aviation Systems Technician in the Royal Canadian Air Force and the most recent recipient of the Captain Nichola Goddard Award. She shares with us how setting big goals has motivated her and how being recognized for her work in the military and for her philanthropic efforts changed her life.

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Hosted By


Shannon Busta



Katrina Bolak


Special Thanks

Thank you to RBC for their support as the presenting sponsor of this podcast series. True Patriot Love would also like to thank Shannon Busta and Katrina Bolak for hosting and writing this important series, as well as Theresa Sapara and Philip Grosch for their work in the production of the podcast, in collaboration with Treble Victor.

Season 1: Series Sponsor

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