Meet Pierre

The Marathon Des Sables is one of the toughest footraces on Earth: seven gruelling days trekking across the sweltering the Sahara Desert. This ultra-marathon covers more than 250km of scorching sand and mountains in Morocco. Participants carry their own equipment, food and rationed water for the journey—and of 1,085 runners who started this spring, only 765 finished. Pierre ran, sweat and grinded in the harsh environment to raise funds for True Patriot Love.

Sleep, run, eat, repeat, over days. It’s challenging—but that’s the whole point. I took an 8kg bag and ate ½ kg of food a day. Running in the desert sand is very particular, and training in the snow is actually not that different. Part of the process is being physically and mentally prepared, as much as you can be. And then you just have to trust and run. I’m very proud to support True Patriot Love. I can only imagine the tremendous suffering, and the physical and mental challenges our soldiers and veterans face. Service men and women sacrifice so much, it feels amazing to do my part to help.

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