Transitioning Post Service with Prince’s Trust, Operation Entrepreneur

Finding Support 

Jay Renaud enlisted in the CAF at 17 and served for 13 years. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 where an IED injured him and took the lives of two of his crewmates. Despite being injured, he provided lifesaving first aid to another crewmate. Jay received the Medal of Military Valour by the Governor General of Canada for the events that transpired that day. He was later medically released in 2018 due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and physical injuries. 

Shortly before his release, Jay enrolled in the Architectural Technologist program at Algonquin College in Ottawa. It was here that he heard about Prince’s Trust Operation Entrepreneur, a program designed to empower members of the military and Veteran community to be a part of something bigger. The program not only assists in entrepreneurial skills training but also focuses on building meaningful connections. Operation Entrepreneur was key in helping Jay shape his own path post-release. 

Post-Release Aspirations 

Something Jay found to be one of the most significant barriers in transitioning to civilian life was the lack of direction and purpose post-release. 

“Without goals, without a driving factor of fulfillment, it’s easy to get lost and complacent. From an institution with a collective group striving for the completion of tasks and objectives to being independent with an individual plan. It can be difficult and challenging to navigate.” 

The Prince’s Trust Operation Entrepreneur program was able to help Jay redefine his purpose and connect with other transitioning Veterans. The funding for the Operation Entrepreneur program allows individuals to put their ideas and goals into action and gives them the resources needed to succeed. Through your generous donations to True Patriot Love, we can continue to fund Operation Entrepreneur to help Veterans find a purpose post-release. 

Jay now lives in Ottawa Valley with his family, right outside of Petawawa where he was first posted in 2005.