As part of our Veteran Volunteerism Initiative, True Patriot Love is proud to partner with Team Rubicon Canada, a Veteran-led humanitarian organization that serves global communities before, during, and after disasters and crises. 

Serving communities on their worst day 

Headquartered in Mississauga, ON, Team Rubicon Canada has 21 full-time employees and over 3,300 volunteers across the country. Team Rubicon Canada harnesses the skills and experience of military veterans, first responders and skilled civilians to help communities prepare, respond and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. 

Team Rubicon Canada has served on over 100 missions. Greyshirts, as Team Rubicon staff and volunteers are known, have brought relief to fellow British Columbians facing wildfires, Ontarians threatened by tornados, Nova Scotians impacted by hurricanes and have deployed internationally, as well. 

Stepping into the arena in a new uniform 

Veterans continue their service at Team Rubicon, stepping into the arena in a new uniform, and leveraging skills like teamwork, risk assessment, incident management, and decisive leadership honed through military experience. These abilities seamlessly translate into disaster and humanitarian relief work, enabling Team Rubicon to get the job done effectively under any circumstance.  

Serving those in need, whether it’s a home muck-out or mitigation operation, and being part of a team of like-minded individuals, provides a crucial link to a new sense of community, identity and purpose. At Team Rubicon, the ethos of service above self is woven into the DNA of Greyshirts, Veterans and civilians alike: it’s the core of what we do.  

Skills and service for greater impact 

“There are different pathways to being a volunteer,” says Helen Lialias, Senior Manager, Brand and Communications, at Team Rubicon Canada. “There’s a role for everyone at Team Rubicon. If you have the grit and tenacity to help people on their worst day, there’s spot for you on the team.” 

Team Rubicon offers on-site and remote volunteer opportunities. Volunteers with tech and project management skills can be recruited to help with disaster mapping and work order management; volunteers can be site surveyors who work with affected homeowners to gauge their needs and the scope of work; TR volunteers may also be called upon to support community volunteer reception centers, aiding in the coordination and management of local volunteers eager to assist their neighbours. 

Throughout the year, Team Rubicon also conducts training sessions to enhance the skills of its members, offering courses such as chainsaw operations, core operations, and field leadership programs. With a diverse array of in-person and online training options available, there’s something to cater to every interest. 

Greyshirt Volunteer Reflections 

“I’ve never mucked out a house and taken it down to the studs before.”

“You get to bring some peace to people.” 

“They actually know how to use the skills of a Veteran.” 

Start your Greyshirt journey 

Sign up to become a Greyshirt volunteer today – the Team Rubicon Canada Volunteer webpage has all the links and details you need to get started. 

P.S. Not a Veteran? Not a problem! Civilian volunteers are also welcome!