Team Rubicon was inspired by the idea that veterans can continue to serve by leveraging skills, training and experience gained through military service to support disaster response. Team Rubicon initially sought to build on two thoughts: charitable disaster relief needs to be faster to anticipate and respond effectively to humanitarian needs, and veteran reintegration into civilian life lacked a crucial, viable pathway to continued service, and purpose, beyond the uniform.

True Patriot Love has been a longstanding partner of Team Rubicon Canada, and thanks to your incredible generosity, provided funding to their program RIVER (Resiliency Initiative for Veterans and Emergency Responders). RIVER is a service-based program designed to foster and grow a thriving veteran and emergency responder community by combining virtual sessions with in-person experiences. Strong cultural bonds are formed within these communities that are difficult to find elsewhere, and RIVER helps bridge the gap when adjusting to life outside of service.

RIVER is a place where you share with the right people. The sisters and brothers I met at RIVER were able to share stories which they’ve shared with few people prior. As a group, we all bore witness to past events in each of our lives. Sharing won’t heal all our wounds, but it makes them less painful. I got some great skills to bring home and a new positive outlook. I made powerful revelations during my time and was able to let my emotions free to explore the healing at RIVER.” – Chris, RIVER participant

We aim to be Canada’s most connected, nationally scalable humanitarian force,” said Bryan Riddell, Chief Executive Officer, Team Rubicon Canada. “True Patriot Love has been crucial to our growth, providing the seed funding and being in our corner every year. Through this mission, we’re connecting veteran acts of service with the appreciation of grateful citizens. Our military members serve their entire careers committed to providing good and rarely bear witness to its impact. The opportunity to help a neighbour in need, and receive the immediate gratitude that comes, offers food for the soul to our veterans who have given a lifetime to selfless, thankless service. The impact is powerful, meaningful, and made possible by you.

This summer, Team Rubicon has been on the ground supporting wildfire recovery efforts. Together, we’re providing critical support where it is needed most. THANK YOU!