By: Rob Dolson

Well, it’s just over a week before I head out to Vancouver to meet up with my fellow Mackenzie teammates and its starting to get real! As I sit here writing the blog I look back and laugh at how many times I have packed, unpacked and repacked my kit getting ready for this Expedition and I should be used to this! haha Anyways, the training has been great as with still serving in the military it’s easy for me to be ruck marching a few times a week to gain my mountain legs. I look forward to seeing my team members again and share the stories of what we have been doing since the training camp and all the comfy kit we have bought to make the journey “easier”! I just can’t wait to be in the mountains and just stand in all their beauty and smell the air and sit and gaze out and think what a beautiful country we live in!

Well, time to get back to packing….. and more unpacking.

Rob Dolson