By: Jamie Wilson (Chief Development Officer at True Patriot Love)

Fourth day following the training camp and I find my wandering in and out of moments in time that will undoubtedly be ones I will never forget. It is impossible to pick one word to describe my experience, but rather a string of words that make up the best of emotions I have felt since the birth of my son – inspiring, grounding, welcoming, openhearted, and truly moving. I have never been with a group of unique individuals, with vast backgrounds lives and challenges, come together in such an authentic way – it was like we had known one another our entire lives! I anticipate these will be friendships that will be ones we carry forward for years to come!

Oh yeah, there was some kayaking involved, too;) which I absolutely loved! Although I felt a little out of my element, I caught on quickly (I think) and turned out to not be terrible at it. I will continue my training regimen at Medcan however; high intensity rep training and upper body endurance work. I think I may need to pick up some extra gear items – particularly the She-Wee which inspired ongoing chuckles between us ladies!

All and all, can’t wait to get on the ocean, spend some more time with tremendous people, and hear Lynn belt out some more folk tunes at the campfire!