By: Jamie Wilson (Chief Development Officer at True Patriot Love)

Wow! The day is almost here. I must admit, I am feeling pretty nervous today. Looking at all my ‘gear’ and wondering if I packed what I needed, did I forget anything, did I pack too much? I have been up since 4am ‘dry run’ packing which for me means, organizing dry bags, reorganizing dry bags, and re-reorganizing dry bags. I think I have finally landed (at 7:25am) what I think will be my system on the actual trip – here’s hoping I can replicate it! I am typically not someone who packs for purpose, or economically, so we will see what the gear/packing inspection team (Angus) tells me on Saturday morning.

Gear and packing aside, I am looking forward to catching up with my team. We have been staying in touch on Facebook which has been a good way to stay connected but there is nothing like a little ‘roughing it’ to strengthen those bonds. And after 6 days with no shower, we may just go back to using Facebook however! I am looking forward to chatting with my kayak mate John, laughing with Tina about, well, most things, and getting out on the open water to experience the wonder of our beautiful country.

I am a little tired, excited, nervous, happy, grateful, and the list goes on. The experience of a life time awaits me…