“I did my research and I admire the authenticity and transparency of True Patriot Love…”

I had the enriching experience of growing up in an armed forces family which shaped me in so many ways. The sense of community has never been lost on me, particularly the importance of supporting each other and giving back as much as you are able. As a nation we have done a lot to recognize service members on November 11 and I think we can do more to build widespread awareness and understanding, particularly of the challenges faced by military personnel and Veterans when transitioning into community or civilian life.

 I started out supporting local military not for profit organizations because I believe the connection between service members and their wider community is more important than ever. When I was looking to support an organization with the potential for widespread impact and diverse funding opportunities, True Patriot Love was the obvious choice. Their focus on military families and mental wellness were a particular draw for me personally. I found True Patriot Love to operate with authenticity and transparency. 

I choose to give monthly because it is so easy to do. It becomes part of your routine: like paying the bills and contributing to savings. And as a non-profit professional myself I know that monthly donors provide long-term stability and also immediate funding for urgent projects. Monthly donors contribute to collective impact: when we all give what we can it adds up in a meaningful way for True Patriot Love and the people they support. 

Every individual supported by True Patriot Love has sacrificed in their life so that as Canadians we can live the lives we have.  And it is a privilege to recognize that sacrifice and support where I can.  I am a proud member of the True Patriot Love Bravo Zulu Club!

 –         Melina deKonick, Monthly Donor