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Captain Boriana Stefanov

Captain Boriana Stefanov enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces in 2001 as an Infantry Non Commissioned Member with The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) in Victoria, BC. She was the first female to achieve the rank of Sergeant in an infantry regiment in the Land Force Western Area (Primary Reserve and Regular Force). During her 10 years with the regiment she participated in OP PEREGRINE, the response to the 2003 wildfires in BC, and was employed in leadership positions such as an instructor for the Basic Military Qualification and Basic Military Officer Qualification, as well as being appointed as the Primary Reserve Recruiting Coordinator for Vancouver Island. In 2011, while completing her Master of Science in Physical Therapy at Queen’s University, Capt Stefanov applied for a Component and Occupation Transfer, and joined the Regular Force as a Physiotherapist Officer. She served in Kingston, ON, Greenwood, NS and in her current posting at the CF Health Services Centre Atlantic in Halifax, NS where she is the Officer in Charge of the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Section. In 2019, she deployed on OP REASSURANCE in Latvia where she received the Task Force Commander’s Coin, a commendation from the Commander of the Spanish Contingent, and a plaque of appreciation from the Brigade Commander. 

Capt Stefanov is highly dedicated to personal fitness including achieving Platinum on the CAF Fitness Evaluation, the highest level which recognises only the top 0.1% of service members. Since 2016, she has been involved with the CAF Athletic Trainer Program (CAFATP) as an instructor and a trainer, and she assumed the role of CAFATP Training Coordinator in 2020. She also participate in crossfit and began competing in Olympic Weightlifting in the past year. Most recently, she won a silver medal in her weight category at the 2021 Nova Scotia Provincial Championships. Capt Stefanov lives with her spouse and during their free time they enjoy riding motorcycles and exploring the local food and craft scene. 

Captain Chelsea Doyle

Capt Chelsea Doyle started her Royal Canadian Air Force career in 2012 as a Resource Management Support Clerk at 405 Long Range Patrol Squadron, 14 Wing Greenwood. Over the next two years she would work diligently to support the members of 405, supporting multiple international exercises by conducting all admin TD actions. During her time at 405, she identified a Flight Engineer spec pay issue that resulted in a pay audit of the entire trade, and multiple members receiving backdated pay.

In 2014 Capt Doyle applied to CT to the Regular Force and was selected to complete her degree through the ROTP entrance program. For the next three years she was posted to the BTL in Halifax.

Upon graduation in 2017, Capt Doyle was posted to 12 Wing Shearwater to conduct OJT while waiting for her Air Battle Manager courses. During her time at 12 Wing she was named the D/Wing Security Officer and was the main contact between the commissionaires and civilian contractors requiring base access. She also rewrote the Wing Security Orders, hosted inspections and liaised with CFB Halifax on behalf of 12 Wing to improve and modernize the security program. 

Capt Doyle completed her ABM course in December of 2018 and was selected to represent the RCAF as an Air Weapons Officer on the E3 Sentry AWACS at Tinker AFB, Oklahoma. Upon completion of her initial qualification training, she was assigned to the 964th Phoenix, where she completed conversion training to Air Battle Manger, upgrade to Section Lead in Charge, and was selected to become an instructor. 

In 2021 Capt Doyle deployed in support of Operation Inherent Resolve to Al Dhafra Airbase, UAE. She currently leads a flight of 46 USAF, RCAF and RAF personnel as the M-Flt Commander, a position typically reserved for the most motivated and capable USAF Captains. In support of the Canadian Det, she is currently the president of the Mess committee, involved in the organization of the International Women’s Day event and working to stand up an OUTCAN chapter of the Defence Women’s Advisory Organization. 

In her free time, Capt Doyle enjoys playing hockey, camping and hiking with her dog, Spud, and travelling.   

Captain Heather Pay

Captain Heather Pay has been a member of the Canadian Armed Forces for more than 26 years. Her service has been divided between the Primary Reserve (1995-2006, 2019-present) and the Regular Force (2006-2019). She was the first female infantry officer in the 2nd Battalion, the Irish Regiment of Canada in Sudbury Ontario. As an infantry officer she deployed as the only female Civil Military Cooperation officer to Bosnia and Hercegovina (2002/2003), and deployed again to Haiti (2004) in the same capacity. She returned to education in 2004 and completed a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and became a Registered Nurse in 2008. 

She was posted to the Royal Military College in Kingston in 2017 as a Squadron Commander. She has since completed a Master’s Degree in Nursing with a focus on mental health treatment for Canadian Armed Forces members and has presented her findings to the International Council of Nurses in 2019 and to the International Society for Military Sciences in 2020. Captain Pay left the Regular Force in 2019 to take on the position as the Squadron Commander for the Aboriginal Leadership Opportunity Year program at RMC. Capt Pay has two wonderful children, a son George aged 9 and a daughter Lucy aged 7, who love to participate in Officer Cadet life at RMC and take advantage of every opportunity they can to attend these events with their mother. Her husband is a Major who has been serving for more than 33 years.  

Captain Jennifer Hillman

Captain Jennifer Hillman enrolled as a Primary Reservist with the British Columbia Regiment (Duke of Connaught’s Own) Armoured Reconnaissance Unit, in 1990. Although combat arms roles were opened to Canadian women in 1989, she had not been given any non-clerical options, and started her career as a Resource Management Clerk. Captain Hillman transferred to the Armoured Reconnaissance trade in the rank of Corporal in 1993, and commissioned as an Armoured Officer in 2004. She was the first of only 2 combat arms women to achieve the rank of Sergeant in the British Columbia Regiment, and with 31 years in the unit, she was the longest serving of only 5 female combat arms Officers. She has held positions as Patrol Commander, Troop Leader, Squadron Second-in-Command, and Acting Squadron Officer Commanding. Although Primary Reservists generally work part time, Captain Hillman has also worked several full time positions with the Regiment, at 39 Canadian Brigade Group, and at the Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Pacific. Even when employed in alternate roles, Captain Hillman continued to volunteer with the British Columbia Regiment until 2021. Today, Captain Hillman is the Deputy Commanding Officer at the Recruiting Centre, where she has dedicated 10 years in support of recruiting efforts and Operation Generation, and where she is in a position to facilitate efforts to increase gender diversity in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Looking back on her overall 32 year career, Captain Hillman has been privileged to have enjoyed a rich variety of life and work experiences.  Through the military, she has encountered numerous occasions for growth as the sole, or one of very few, women in her various positions. Like so many women, she had to make tough choices regarding her work and life as a single mother. Although it did not make her immune to last minute or extended tasks away from home, her personal choice was to focus on local opportunities which might aid and support military deployments. Her role as the Deployment Liaison Officer was one of the most unique and rewarding positions she was honoured to fill, providing direct support to soldiers of the British Columbia Regiment who were deployed to Afghanistan, and to their families. In 3 domestic incidents, she again fulfilled responsibilities to provide support to families suffering the painful loss of their military loved ones.  She is a recipient of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, a Canadian Forces Recruiting Group Commander’s Commendation, and a 39 Canadian Brigade Group Commendation. Simultaneous to her military activities, Captain Hillman earned her Bachelor of Arts through Simon Fraser University, her Masters of Business Administration through Royal Roads University, and most recently, a Certificate in Photography through Langara College. That said, she is most proud of the wonderful woman her daughter has become, and considers that as by far her most rewarding achievement.

Captain Sarah Black

Capt Sarah Black is a recently commissioned Intelligence Officer with twenty years CAF service, including two operational deployments. Commissioning from the ranks through a highly competitive program, Capt Black graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Ottawa in 2017 with an Honours Bach (Soc Sc) in Conflict Studies & Human Rights. 

Since commissioning, Capt Black has had the opportunity to work at Canadian Special Operations Forces Command Head Quarters (CANSOFCOM HQ) as a staff officer and as the J23 Desk Officer for Op Impact. Capt Black has also worked at Joint Task Force Atlantic (JTFA) as the acting Senior Staff Officer-Intelligence, and is currently supporting strategic defence intelligence operations as the Coordination Officer at Canadian Forces Intelligence Command’s (CFINTCOM) Directorate of Transnational and Regional Intelligence. 

Prior to commissioning, Capt Black was an Intelligence Operator with 12 ASIC, a Source Handler with JTFX, and a Vehicle Technician with a number of unit across the country. Capt Black and her service spouse have executed over a dozen geographic moves during their careers with the most recent posting resulting in a move to beautiful Chelsea, QC (2020). Now that they have three young children, they look forward to “putting down roots” in the National Capital Region.

Captain Shannon Snape

Captain Shannon Snape enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces on 24 July 2014 in Oshawa, ON, under the Regular Officer Training Program. She completed one year of university at CMR St-Jean, then completed the final three years of her Bachelor’s Degree at The Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) in Kingston. In May 2018, Capt Snape graduated from RMCC with a Bachelor’s of Science (Honours) Chemistry, a minor in Life Sciences, and a commission. Upon completion of her Artillery trade training in Gagetown, NB, Capt Snape was posted to B Battery, 1st Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery in Shilo, MB, in January 2019. 

Upon arrival at 1 RCHA, she was employed in various positions such as Recce O, Command Post Officer, and Gun Position Officer as part of A and B Btys participation in regimental and brigade level exercises. She has one overseas deployment to Ukraine as part of Operation UNIFIER Roto 9 as the Battle Adjutant in 2020. Throughout this deployment, she planned, coordinated, and executed Key Leader Engagements for the Joint Task Force – Ukraine Command Team and Multination Partners throughout the country. Capt Snape deployed on one of the first Operation VECTORs in Northern Manitoba as the Z Bty Platoon Commander in 2021. This deployment saw the execution of vaccine clinics in four remote Indigenous Reserves by the Z Bty Support Team. 

After completing her Forward Observation Officer (FOO) course in December 2021, Capt Snape has taken over the G22 Party within Z Battery of 1 RCHA. In her free time, Capt Snape enjoys the outdoors, playing sports, and collecting vinyl. She is one of four siblings and recently became an Aunt.

Col B. Maureen Wellwood, MDS, MEd, OMM, CD

Born in London, Ontario, Maureen Wellwood started her military career at the age of 18. After attending military college, she completed infantry officer training in 1995 and joined the Royal 22e Régiment.

Maureen deployed to ex-Yugoslavia (96-97), Bosnia (99-00), and Kandahar, Afghanistan (09-10). She also participated in two domestic operations, including the1998 ice storm in the Montreal area and the flooding near Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu in 2011. She commanded at platoon and company level within the infantry battalions of the Royal 22e Régiment, and at unit level in the 2 Canadian Division Training Centre. Her extra-Regimental roles include Division Commander at CFLRS, staff officer at JTFE, Senior Military Assistant to the Minister of National Defence, and Deputy Commander of Canadian Forces Base Borden and Military Personnel Generation Training Group. She has been recognized by the CDS, Comd Canada COM and Comd CA with commendations for her excellent performance in various roles, and has been admitted as an officer to the Order of Military Merit.

She is currently the Task Force Commander of OP CROCODILE, Canada’s contribution to the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Promoted to her current rank in 2021, she is the first woman in the Canadian Infantry to attain the rank of Colonel. In April 2018, she was recognized as one of the Top 20 Women in Defence in Esprit de corps’ “Breaking Down the Barricades” and has since been recognized as one of the 2018 Top 100 Canada’s Most Powerful Women.

Maureen is a Bachelor of Military and Strategic Studies from Collège militaire royal de Saint-Jean, a Master of Defense Studies from Royal Military College, and a Master of Leadership in Education from Yorkville University.

She lives with her spouse Naran Leseigneur and their two sons Aidan and Félix.

Lieutenant Colonel Rhonda Stevens, CD

Born and raised in North Harbour Newfoundland, Lieutenant Colonel (LCol) Stevens enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1993, six days after graduating high school. She attended both College militaire Royale de Saint-Jean and Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston Ontario where she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 1998. 

Upon receiving her Air Navigator wings from the Canadian Forces Air Navigation School (CFANS) in 1999, she was selected to navigate the CC115 Buffalo aircraft at 442 Search and Rescue (SAR) Squadron in Comox, BC. In 2004, she was posted back to CFANS in Winnipeg as an instructor on the CT142 Dash 8 aircraft. In 2008, she assumed the position of Executive Assistant (EA) to the 17 Wing Commander (WComd) Winnipeg and in 2009 accepted a posting to Greenwood NS where she was EA for 10 months, reducing the geographical gap with her service spouse. 

Promoted to Major in 2010, LCol Stevens graciously accepted a posting offer back to 442 Squadron in Comox as the Squadron Operations Officer and Navigator on the Buffalo. In 2014, she was appointed Officer in Charge of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in Halifax NS, a Centre that prosecutes more than 2500 search and rescue cases annually. She was posted to Toronto in August 2017 where she completed the Joint Command Staff Program and her Masters in Defence Studies. 

In July 2018, LCol Stevens was posted to Ottawa as the Canadian Joint Operations Command SAR Advisor for one year and was subsequently appointed as Commanding Officer of 442 Search and Rescue Squadron in Comox, BC, fulfilling a career dream. Upon completion of her command tour at 442 Squadron in Aug 2021, LCol Stevens was appointed as the Chair of the Fixed Wing SAR (FWSAR) Secretariat responsible for facilitating the advancement of the FWSAR CC295 project. She is married to Major Kevin Stevens and they have two daughters Sienna and Sara.

Colonel Robyn Hulan, OMM, CD

Born and raised in Labrador City, Newfoundland, Colonel Robyn Hulan enrolled in the Canadian Forces in 1992 and graduated from the Royal Military College in 1997 with a Baccalaureate in Civil Engineering and has successfully completed her Masters Degree in Defence Studies.  Her profession has spanned Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Information Technology.

Career highlights include deployments to Bosnia and Afghanistan, Commanding Officer 21 Electronic Warfare Regiment, a four-year exchange posting at the National Security Agency in the United States. 

Colonel Hulan is currently serving as the Team Lead for the Pathfinder innovation initiative at North American Aerospace Defence Command (NORAD) in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  

She is married to Colonel Corey Crosby, and they have a 6-year old son, Brody.  Avid travelers, whatever the new normal, their passports will be ready! 

Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Lyne Edmondson, CD

Branch CPO of CFB Esquimalt – Base Information Services (BIS) Branch 32 Years in the CAF (RCN)

As a Weapons Engineering Technician, recruited then as a Naval Electronics Technician, I specialised in Communications and completed my occupational training mostly in Halifax. All on the Left Coast, I sailed on MACKENZIE, helped to commission CALGARY and completed three deployments with that ship and OTTAWA. I sailed with WINNIPEG as a W ENG Tech Manager (PO1), and with VANCOUVER as the Combat Systems Engineering Department Divisional Chief (CPO2). I was selected and completed 4 years as the W ENG Tech Training Manager at NPTG HQ. One of my favourite duties that I was ever appointed to was as the President of the Mess Committee (PMC) of the Chief and Petty Officer’s Mess of CFB Esquimalt in which I completed a 2 ½ year tenure. I was honoured to be the first woman (and LGB(T)Q2+) and the first CPO2 to be nominated to that position. I was recently posted (July 2020) to a new west coast unit called New Capabilities Integration which helps the RCN integrate new capabilities and new ships into the fleet and assists with the challenging and complex process to readiness. Recently promoted to CPO1, I have been appointed the Branch Chief at CFB Esquimalt’s BIS Branch.

I came out to my Senior Leaders here in the Pacific Formation in 2018 and have been involved with the MARPAC Health and Wellness Strategy specifically with the Organizational Wellness Committee and the Positive Space Sub-Working Group. I was honoured to be part of the change in recognition within CFB Esquimalt with the new PRIDE flag raising ceremony as well as being further honoured by the first raising of the Transgender Flagon the base. I am also a member of the Defence Team PRIDE Advisory Organization and within the Positive Space Sub-Working Group, I am a Positive Space Ambassador Course Facilitator. I have also delivered Positive Space briefs to units within the Pacific Formation. I volunteer in my civilian community as well. I am a senior member (18 Years) in Juan De Fuca Search and rescue (JDF SAR). I am a SAR Manager and the senior Rope Rescue Team Member and facilitator. I also volunteer with a management team of a provincial trail membership. I am 52 years old and have been blessed with two beautiful successful young daughters. Creating my constant smile, I am also loved by an amazing partner who recognizes and supports me for who I am and the woman that he believes will soon be realized.

Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class Lynn Cassidy

My name is CPO2 Lynn Cassidy. I am currently the first female Assistant Base Chief Petty Officer at CFB Halifax. I was selected for this succession managed position early this year. I have the honour of working alongside the first female Base Chief Petty Officer CPO1 Alena Mondelli. I am currently in my 22nd year with the Royal Canadian Navy, and look forward to serve many more years. I was the 5th female ever to serve on a HMCS (frigate) as Senior Naval Communicator on the East Coast. On HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN, we sailed a lot, and it was amazing. We crossed the Arctic Circle while on OP NANOOK, where I became an official “Blue Noser”. Port visits in Iceland, seeing icebergs and the Northern lights were experiences I will never forget. Prior to joining the Navy in 1998, I tested my thirst for knowledge at Dalhousie University, where I found my passion of computer technology. While in university, I found myself at the recruiting centre and joined the Navy as a Naval Communicator, the trade that has the best IT employment in the Navy, or so I was told. 

I am blessed to have 4 children; 2 with my ex-husband (also a Naval Communicator) and 2 with my current husband, a Naval Warfare Officer. There are 3 boys and 1 girl, and she rules them all. They are ages 19-9 and the oldest is just about to finish Basic Training as a Naval Weapons Engineering Technician. I am very active in their athletic activities; coaching, managing or fundraising something for their basketball, soccer and hockey teams. I am also part of the Dartmouth Lakers Basketball Association Board of Directors and a member of 2 Parent Teacher Organizations.

Chief Warrant Officer Barbara Smith, CD

Chief Warrant Officer Smith (CWO) commenced her military career in 1994 as a member of the Primary Reserve with the 84th Independent Field Battery (Artillery) in Yarmouth, NS. In 2000 she was accepted for component transfer to the regular force Military Police (MP) and she deployed to the Mission Closure Team as an MP in support of Op Palladium in Split Croatia, and in 2009, she was attached to 3 PPCLI as part of the Police Operation Mentor Liaison Team where she deployed to Task Force Afghanistan, Rotation 3/09, in support of Operation ATHENA. As a Sergeant, she was amongst only a few females who provided mentorship to Kandahar Afghan National Police (ANP), and was employed in a unique position of mentoring an Afghan male, who was the Zhari ANP District Chief of Police. As a Master Warrant Officer, she served as the Military Police Services Group Head Quarters as the Unit Sergeant Major (USM) and the Canadian Joint Operations Centre as the MP operations planner. In 2017 she was second female to appointed as the Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence (CFNCIU) USM. As part of the Defense Team Establishment Plan, she participated in a project to change the CFNCIU workforce structure, where she changed her position requirement to the rank of CWO. As a result, in 2019 she was the last Master Warrant Officer to serve as the USM. This resulted in her posting to the Global Affairs Canada Military Police Security Service as the USM. CWO Smith was promoted to her current rank in June 2020 and was appointed to her present position, 3 Operations Support Squadron Unit CWO.

Barb is married to Cory Smith who is in the process of retiring from the CAF. She is a hockey player, playing on various teams across the CAF since 2002, and has been a volunteer with the Veterans Emergency Transition Canada at the Ottawa location since 2018. She is a student at Wilfrid Laurier University working towards an undergraduate degree in social science and is a candidate on the Defense Team Coaching Program. 

Chief Warrant Officer Janique Larivière

Chief Warrant Officer Janique Larivière joined the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve in January 1989 at Le Régiment de Hull. Following the completion of almost 5 years with the Reserve Forces as an Amour Soldier, she transferred in August 1994 to the Regular Forces at 12iem Régiment Blindé du Canada (12 RBC) in Valcartier as an Amour Soldier. During her time as a reservist, CWO Larivière did multiple major exercises with 12 RBC and completed two tours in Cyprus 1990-1991, (UNPROFOR) and Bosnia 1993-1994, (UNPROFOR). 

After completing her Coyote Gunner course she deployed with 2 Bataillon Royal 22ieme Régiment in Croatia (UNPROFOR) on summer 1995 as a driver.  As a Senior Cpl, CWO Larivière went to Bosnia (SFOR) in 2002 at HQ Sqn in the Control Post as the liaison Officer driver.

In 2005, after the completion of her Army Master Corporal Course and promotion to this rank, Chief Warrant Officer Larivière was posted at the Royal Canadian Armor Corps School (RCACS), Gagetown New Brunswick.  She occupied the job as an instructor for DP1 new soldiers, then, after completing her Crew and Patrol Commander Course, she was appointed to teach senior courses. In 2008 she got promoted to the rank of Sergeant. 

In 2009, Chief Warrant Officer Larivière was posted back to her home unit at 12 RBC in Valcartier where she occupied the position of a troop Warrant. In 2011, she was posted as the senior Sergeant Recruiter at the Canadian Forces Recruiting Center (CFRC) in Quebec City.  After a year completed at CFRC, Chief Warrant Officer Larivière joined the C Squadron, Royal Canadian Dragoon (RCD) in Gagetown New Brunswick where she was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer in September 2012 and eventually became the Squadron Operations Warrant Officer (Ops WO).

In 2015, CWO Larivière was posted back at the RCACS as school Ops WO. Following her duties in that position, she was posted to Ottawa at Cyber Ops Cell as Sergeant Major.  In July 2018, following her promotion to the rank of Master Warrant Officer she was posted back for one year at RCACS as a Squadron Sergeant Major. Subsequently, she moved with her family to the RCD in Petawawa after her change of unit affiliation in Oct 2016. CWO Larivière did her second year as a Squadron Sergeant Major at the RCD Petawawa.  In summer 2020 CWO Larivière was posted as the Garrison Sergeant Major of garrison Petawawa.

In 2021, CWO Larivière took her retirement and transfer to the Primary Reserve List and started to work as Directorate Chief Warrant Officer/ Chief Petty Officer 1st Class for the Director Transition Services and Policy where she was promoted to the actual rank in February 2022.  She is also working with The Regiment de Hull and still carrying on with her Armor soldier trade.

Chief Warrant Officer Janique Lariviere CD, is married and has four children. She enjoys physical fitness, camping and fishing.

Lieutenant Commander Danielle Lapham, CD


Lieutenant Commander Danielle Lapham enrolled in the Naval Reserves in April 2004 as a Naval Warfare Officer before being accepted into the Regular Officer Training Program in May 2005. Her career to date has been heavily focussed on filling operational positions. She has served in a succession of operational postings as a Bridge Watch Keeper and Diving Officer in HMC Ships FREDERICTON, MONTREAL, IROQUOIS and CHARLOTTETOWN, Information Warfare Officer in HMC Ships VILLE DE QUEBEC and TORONTO and most recently as the Deputy Operations Officer in HMCS TORONTO. She has deployed internationally with the Royal Canadian Navy on five separate occasions to various locations including the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, Black Sea, Baltic Sea, High North and Caribbean. 

LCdr Lapham assumed the position as the Executive Assistant to the Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic/ Joint Task Force Atlantic in July 2021 and volunteers as an Honorary Aide de Camp to the Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia during her spare time. Her major career milestone to date was receiving her Command Qualification in April 2021, which would not have been possible without the insurmountable support provided by her incredibly patient and loving partner. She is a mother of two boys, and views motherhood as her most rewarding adventure so far. 

Lieutenant-Colonel Chantal Bérubé, CD

Lieutenant-Colonel Bérubé enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces in 1999 with the 6th Field Artillery Regiment in Lévis, Quebec, where she held most of the duties assigned to an artillery officer, including Battery Commander. She also commanded batteries at 3rd Field Regiment RCA, St-John NB, 30th Field RCA, Ottawa On and 2nd Field Regiment RCA, Montreal Qc.

Operationally, Lieutenant-Colonel Bérubé deployed to Bosnia-Herzegovina on Operation PALLADIUM Rotation IX in 2001-2002. She deployed again in 2007-2008 for a period of 10 months within the Headquarters of Joint Task Force AFGHANISTAN 03-07 as J5 Plans.

Her staff experiences also include the positions of G6 and G1 at the Combat Training Center as well as G3 of the 33rd Canadian Brigade Group. In 2015, she was appointed Commander of the 6th Field Artillery Regiment. She was then the first woman to command an artillery regiment in Canada. In June 2020, she became the Deputy Commander of the 35th Canadian Brigade Group. Since December 2019, she is also the Deputy Director of Artillery (Reserve).

Lieutenant-Colonel Bérubé holds a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy from Laval University and a master's degree in defense studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. Simultaneously with her duties as a reservist, she held various civilian jobs. She is currently the manager of mental health services at Center de Santé Valcartier. She is married and is the proud mother-in-law of a beautiful young woman.

Lieutenant (N) Jacki Kavanagh

Lt(N) Jacki Kavanagh is a Naval Combat System Engineering Officer in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN). Lt(N) Kavanagh joined the Canadian Armed Forces as a Reserve Medical Technician in 2007, while completing a BSc in Psychology at Dalhousie University. In 2012, she transferred to the Regular Forces under the Regular Officer Training Program, and returned to Dalhousie University to complete a BSc in Computer Science. This entry program enabled Lt(N) Kavanagh to receive paid education in a program that aligned with her current occupation. Lt(N) Kavanagh has deployed on two occasions with the RCN, both of which were on OPERATION REASSURANCE in the North, Baltic, and Mediterranean sea. This experience enabled career growth and the opportunity to travel the world.  

A career in the RCN isn’t entirely spent at sea, she has also had the opportunity to work at many shore based units in Halifax and in the National Capital Region. Lt(N) Kavanagh recently took on a new role at the Project Management Office for the Canadian Surface Combatant. Her role as a Systems Engineer is brand new to her; however, she enjoys the dynamic lifestyle the RCN offers and the challenge of taking on new roles and responsibilities. Lt(N) Kavanagh and her husband, who is also an Engineering Officer in the RCN, currently reside in Halifax, and when not working they enjoy travelling.

Major Kim Egert

Major Kim Egert was born in Uster Switzerland, and immigrated to Canada in 1999. Raised in Westport, ON, Major Egert joined the CAF in 2008 and attended Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, ON, under the Reserve Entry Training Plan (RETP). Upon graduation with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in 2012, she transferred to the Regular Force and began her training in Borden, ON to become a qualified Air Logistics Officer with a speciality in Finance. 

Her postings included CFB Winnipeg where she worked at both 1 Cdn Air Division and 17 Wing. She was then posted to 1st Cdn Div HQ (Red Devils) in Kingston, ON and deployed on ROTO 1 of NATO MISSION IRAQ as the first female Staff Officer to 11 Colonels embedded in the Ministerial Advisory Division in 2019. Major Egert has participated in multiple exercises, most recently RIMPAC 18, TRIDENT JUNCTURE 18, and READY RENAISSANCE 19. Major Egert was promoted to her current rank in 2021 and posted to Greenwood as Wing Comptroller.

Major Egert lives and succeeds by the same values that gave Captain Nichola Goddard the strength and leadership: inclusivity, commitment, courage, and valour making her an excellent nominee for this prestigious event. She has broken down barriers as the first female staff officer to 11 NATO Colonels as a young Captain shaping the road ahead for future generations of leaders to come.

Major Kim Marchand

Major Kim Marchand enrolled in the CAF in June 2005 and graduated with a degree Civil Engineering from the Royal Military College. She has served as a Field Troop Commander, as the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) as the first Regimental Engineering Officer, and as an instructor of tactics at the Canadian Forces School of Military Engineering. She deployed with the 2nd Battalion of The Royal Canadian Regiment for Op REASSURANCE as part of the enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group – Latvia from January to July 2018.  Since 2019 Maj Marchand has been a Squadron Commander at 2 Combat Engineer Regiment and is preparing to deploy to Wainwright, Alberta. In her next role she will be the first female Chief of Staff at CSOR.

Maj Marchand is the Defence Women’s Advisory Organization military co-chair of Garrison Petawawa where she advocate, provides advice and drives initiatives to break down systemic barriers for women in CAF/ DND. Maj Marchand as a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Conseil international du sport militaire (CISM) pistol team, and represented Canada at the 2015 CISM 6th Military World Games in Korea. She is married to Martin and is the mother of 2 daughters named Amélia (2.5 yrs old) and Florence (12 months). In her spare time she… she has no spare time! 

Major Shannon Archer

Major Shannon Archer joined the RCAF in 2008 at the age of 24 yrs old after a few years of living and working in Victoria BC, contemplating her future after graduation from UVIC in 2006.  Daughter of an RCAF Pilot and Nurse, and Granddaughter of one of the RCAFs first Air Weapons controllers, Maj Archer’s path seemed destined for similar service. After Completion of her trades course at CFSACO in Sept 2009, she was posted to 4 Wg Cold Lake, AB and received her licence as a VFR Controller in May of 2010.  Maj Archer spent 2 yrs at 4 Wg before posting to 19 Wg Comox ,where she became a Dual Qualified Controller, held high ready for 3yrs (EATM), and finished her tour as the Chief Controller MACU.  In her 6 years at 19 Wg she was very involved in the Wing: Ent O for the Officers Mess, coach/player for the Women’s Base Volleyball and Softball teams, D/COS for the 2015 Comox Air Show, and was selected as an Aide de Camp to the BC Lieutenant General. Maj Archer received two Wg Comd Commendations with her section and was selected Air Person of the Quarter in 2016.

Maj Archer has a keen interest in event planning and took those skills and passion to the Officer’s Mess as well as the Canadian Women in Aviation Conference; she organized the Conference Banquet for two successive years.  It was through these efforts that Maj Archer found her passion for mentorship and started working with Comox’s Yes! You Can! program for at-risk female youth.  In 2017 Maj Archer was posted to 14 Wg Greenwood as the Training Officers for the ATC OTU, continuing her passion for mentorship and helping others find their way through the initial stages of their career with the RCAF.  In 2019, Maj Archer was selected as the EA for the14 Wg Comd. She competed with the CAF Triathlon Team at Nationals, and coached the Women’s Volleyball Team to Nationals two years in a row.  Also in 2019, Maj Archer was selected as 1 of 8 women for Elevate Aviation’s Inspire program.  Through her connection with Elevate Aviation, Maj Archer worked with local schools in Nova Scotia and was to host their Cross Country Tour stop in Halifax.  Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, Maj Archer continued with the program, helping to develop the RCAF Elevate Mentorship Program and assisting the Director of Military Relations in matching senior RCAF members with senior Ranking female Civilian Mentors, such as CEOs and company Presidents. 

In 2020 Maj Archer gave birth to her son, Thomas.  Through her journey in becoming a mother, Maj Archer became an advocate and mentor for both men and women who face the challenges of infertility, speaking at a few events hosted by the local DWAO. Upon returning to work after MATA in the summer of 2021, Maj Archer was promoted to her current rank and was posted to the NCR where she holds the position of Directorate Air & Space Programmes Minor Project Coordinator. She continues her work with Elevate Aviation as the A/Director Military Relations and continues to support RCAF members through mentorship and leadership.

Master Warrant Officer Camille Desrosiers

MWO Camille Desrosiers was born and raised in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec in 1970.  In 1994, she joined the Reserve Force as a Financial Services Administrator with 51 Service Battalion in St-Hubert in Quebec.  In 2011, she transferred to the Regular Force in which she has enjoyed numerous of appointments and responsibilities. During her time in the CAF, MWO Desrosiers has received a number of honours and decorations for her professionalism, leadership, efficiency, dedication, and impeccable work ethic.  Some of the highlights and challenges faced in 28 years of service include three operations: OPERATION RECUPERATION (1998) Canadian Forces response to the ice storm in Quebec; OPERATION ATHENA (2009) as a member of the Operational Mentoring Liaison Team (OMLT) of 3rd Battalion of the Royal 22nd Regiment in Afghanistan; OPERATION ATHENA (2010-2011) with the 5th Field Ambulance deployed Health Services Unit in Afghanistan; and DIVERSITY + (2016 to 2018) with the 2nd Canadian Division.  In addition, MWO Desrosiers has been active promoting diversity in the CAF.  She was the secretary and member of the Women's Sub-Committee followed by Team D+ Coordinator and Women's Sub-Committee Leader.

In her most recent assignment, MWO Desrosiers is posted to 5 Cdn Div Headquarters G8 Branch in the Financial Policies and Procedures (FPP-2) section.  Additionally, she is appointed as the G8 Branch Sergeant Major (BSM) and Senior Financial Services Administrators (FSA) for the Division. MWO Desrosiers has numerous hobbies includes travelling, jogging, listening to music, movies and socializing with family and friends.  She currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia and volunteers heavily in various organizations that assist people who are homeless; a cause that is personally close to her heart.


Master Warrant Officer Cheryl Belanger

Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Cheryl Belanger joined the military in 2003 as a Medical Technician (Med Tech). She was posted to1 Field Ambulance (1 Fd Amb) in Edmonton in 2004. During that posting, she completed her first deployment to Afghanistan on OPERATION ARCHER ROTO 1 in 2006, where she worked as an ambulance and dismounted Med Tech. She wears the Commander In Chief Unit Commendation pin as being part of 1st Battalion Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry Task Force and earned the South West Asia Medal. 

After returning from deployment, she was posted to Ottawa in the summer of 2007 to Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Ottawa. She completed her Aeromedical Evacuation Course and deployed to Canadian Forces Station ALERT in 2008 as the junior Med Tech, earning the Special Service Medal. As a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) member, she deployed to Haiti, on OPERATION HESTIA, in response to the earthquake in 2010. She was awarded a Canadian Expeditionary Forces Commander’s Commendation for her medical work and earned the Operational Service Medal. On her third posting in 2010, she joined 12 Canadian Forces Health Services Centre in Wainwright. For her career achievements up until then, she was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2012. In 2014 she was posted back to 1 Fd Amb in Edmonton and was employed in positions such as Clinic Primary Care Senior Med Tech and Clinic Operations & Training NCO and the 1 Fd Amb Training Warrant Officer, planning and executing training schedules and exercises at unit and brigade levels. She was later employed as the Company Sergeant Major for 1 Fd Amb’s Integral Support Company. In 2020, she deployed to Ukraine on OPERATION UNIFIER as the Medical Training Group Sergeant Major, overseeing course development for combat medical training for Armed Forces of Ukraine and National Guard of Ukraine. This earned her the Expedition Bar for her Special Service Medal. Upon returning from deployment, she was employed as the 1 Fd Amb Headquarters Company Sergeant Major. As of July 2021, MWO Belanger has been employed as the Company Sergeant Major for 1 Fd Amb’s Medical Company. 

MWO Belanger lives with her husband, who is also a MWO and works with 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (3 PPCLI). They have 5 year old twin boys. Work-life balance is a daily challenge but the Belangers make it happen with family and friend support and dedication to each other’s careers. MWO Belanger is currently working towards a Certificate in Military Leadership and Management from Royal Military College. While deployed in Afghanistan in 2006, she was tasked with the same company as Captain (Capt) Goddard during a mission. As a young private at the time, she remembers seeing Capt Goddard leading her crew with confidence and appearing as a strong woman and leader. That image is what continues to inspire her to this day, as she has worked hard through the ranks, representing the CAF, Health Services, and herself as a soldier, wife and mom. 

Master Warrant Officer Jennifer Barlow, CD

Master Warrant Officer Jennifer Barlow is a member of the Canadian Army currently serving as Deport Sergeant Major at Canadian Forces Ammunition Depot Bedford with 31 years of service in the Regular and Reserve forces. 

She has been privileged to experience a variety of military opportunities including service with Canadian Special Operations Forces, working in Defence Research and Development, and deployments to Europe, Afghanistan and Africa. Throughout her career she has experienced service in occupations where women are under-represented, both as Infanteer in the Reserve force and as an Ammunition Technician in the Regular force. She is the first female Depot Sergeant Major in the Canadian Material Support Group formation.

Jennifer and her service spouse Darren, also Master Warrant Officer in the Canadian Army, are currently enjoying the East Coast lifestyle outside of Halifax with their two dogs.

Master Warrant Officer Linda Fontaine

Master Warrant Officer (MWO) Linda Fontaine is the Regimental Quarter Master (RQMS) at 2 RCHA since August 2020. She joined the CAF later in life at the age of 39 in January 2002, since then her 20 year career as a Material Management Technician has been a whirlwind ride. She has served in Trenton, Kingston and Petawawa. Prior to her arrival at 2 RCHA, MWO Fontaine was employed in numerous technical and leadership positions to include;  2IC Clothing Stores, Sqn Quartermaster (SQMS), Material Control Officer (MCO), and Company Quartermaster (CQMS), Depot Sergeant Major at the Central Medical Equipment Depot (CMED).

MWO Fontaine has deployed on both domestic and expeditionary operations. Of note, she deployed in 2004 on Op ATHENA as the Spare Parts MMT, again to OP ATHENA in 2007 as the Local Procurement MMT, Op IMPACT in 2018 as the Contracts NCO, and most recently on OP UNIFIER in 2021 as a Sergeant Major/Operations Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO). 

MWO Fontaine is the oldest of 3 siblings and has been married for 36 years. She is a mother to two beautiful children, and has recently been blessed with her first grandchild. In her free time she enjoys camping, gardening, hiking, and vacationing with her spouse. With retirement quickly approaching she is looking forward to spending more time doing these activities. 

Master Warrant Officer Susan Teixeira

Master Warrant Officer Teixeira was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia. In 2000, they enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces, 3 Wg Air Reserve Bagotville as a Resource Management Support Clerk. In 2002 transferred to 70 Communications Headquarters Group Kingston, Ontario as an Orderly Room Clerk and a year later applied for a Class B position with the Joint Nuclear Biological Chemical Coy (JNBCD Coy) in Trenton, Ontario. In 2004, MWO Teixeira component transferred to the Regular Force and was posted to Wing Construction Engineering / 81 Construction Engineering Flight, Trenton, On as the Orderly Room Clerk. In 2005, they were posted to the Wing Administration Branch Trenton and employed as the Second in Charge of the Wing Taskings section. While posted to the Wing Administration Branch Trenton deployed to Afghanistan, Task Force 1-06 as a Contracting Clerk. In 2009, MWO Teixeira was posted to the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment Cold Lake, AB as Second in Charge of the Orderly Room.

In 2011, posted to 22 Health Services Centre Cold Lake as the Chief Clerk, which included a second deployment to Afghanistan, COMKAF HQ.  In 2012, was posted to the Canadian Special Operations Regiment located in Petawawa, On as the In Charge of the Orderly Room and Ops URS.  In 2014, posted to the Canadian Special Operations Training Centre, Petawawa, as the Chief Clerk.  In 2016, while posted to Petawawa transitioned with the amalgamation of Resource Management Support Clerk to Human Resource Administrator.  After a successful 5 years with CANSOFCOM was posted to 2 Combat Engineer Regiment as the Human Resource Manager. In 2019, MWO Teixeira was promoted to their current rank and subsequently posted to 19 Wing Deputy Wing Commander Comox, BC as the Wing Senior Human Resource Manager.

Sub-Lieutenant Joanne Harloff

SLt Joanne Harloff joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 2003 as a Marine Engineer Mechanic, and progressed through the trade to become a Marine Engineer Artificer and holding the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class.  In 2021 she was selected to be commissioned from the Ranks to become the first female to commission from the Marine Technician trade the Marine Systems Engineering Officer trade.  

She was also one of a small group of females to make it to Marine Engineer Artificer, and is the current recruiting video interviewee for the Marine Technician trade.  She currently is a member of the Marine Systems Engineering Department onboard HMCS CHARLOTTETOWN.

In her personal life, she is married with two young children.  She is Girl Guide Leader with her daughter’s sparks group.  She recently completed her Bachelor of Technology Degree and is a Certified Associate in Project Management.