A 5-6-7-8! If you were part of the Sharing Dance with Veteran Families project, here’s how it might start.

The instructor says: “I’m going to introduce myself and make a circular movement with my arms—I’m feeling very excited and happy to be here so I’m making an explosive movement and adding some jazz hands. When it’s your turn, introduce yourself with your own kind of movement that represents how you’re feeling right now. Let’s go!”

The Sharing Dance program includes choreography that is accessible for people of all ages, abilities, and states of health, and also can be learned in any space. Dance builds community connections, combats isolation and encourages people to move creatively and intentionally.

True Patriot Love provided essential funds to create programs designed especially for Veterans and families, and the feedback has been sensational! Our participants tell us they feel better, happier, more connected to each other and their bodies. One instructor shared: “The atmosphere was relaxed enough that everyone was engaged. It was a very good time. It felt like a party.”