Did you know that small and medium businesses accounted for 98% of employer businesses in Canada last year? True Patriot Love is proud to present the Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge, an innovative initiative designed to showcase the talents of Veterans while empowering SMEs to enhance their recruitment and hiring practices.

Join us in this pilot program funded through the Ontario Skills Development Fund and facilitated by our expert consultant, Challenge Factory. Discover an exciting opportunity that aims to bridge the gap between Veterans and small-medium businesses (SMEs) in Ontario.

Small-Medium Businesses and Veterans:

Small and medium businesses are the backbone of Canada’s economy, comprising nearly all (98%) of employer businesses in the country. Recognizing the immense potential of SMEs, True Patriot Love is thrilled to connect Veterans with these businesses through the Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge. This unique opportunity allows Veterans to demonstrate their value, while providing SMEs with invaluable insights into the benefits of hiring Veterans.

The Challenge Experience:

Taking place this fall, the Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge offers a comprehensive experiential training program facilitated over three days. Veterans and SMEs will engage in interactive sessions, including a day where Veterans shadow businesses. This immersive experience aims to accelerate and enrich the recruitment, onboarding, and hiring of Veterans for SME participants.

Funding and Support:

Thanks to the generous support of the Ontario Skills Development Fund, the Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge is fully funded. This ensures that all participants can access this program at no cost. True Patriot Love, in collaboration with Challenge Factory, is committed to providing a valuable and enriching experience for both Veterans and SMEs.

Getting Involved:

To learn more about the Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge and the benefits it offers, visit the website.  We encourage Veterans and businesses to seize this incredible opportunity to invest a little time over three days to build a stronger workforce.

Join us this fall and be a part of the Veteran Friendly Ontario Challenge, empowering Veterans and SMEs to thrive together.

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Author: Karlson Yip

About the author: Senior Coordinator, Marketing and Community Giving at True Patriot Love