donate nowThe 100,000 Canadians who serve in our Armed Forces have a diverse range of experiences and expertise, but they share a common commitment to protecting and defending our country, both at home and abroad.

It’s a commitment that extends to over 40 countries across the globe and that tangibly affects the daily lives of millions of Canadians. As we combat the definitive challenges of our time – global pandemics, a rise in extreme weather and flooding, and an increasingly competitive and fractured geopolitical environment – servicemembers are playing a vital role in preserving our safety and prosperity.

  • True Patriot Love is Canada’s Foundation for the military community, working to support military members, Veterans, and their families at every stage of their journey.
  • By working as a trusted partner with local charities, social enterprises, the Canadian Armed Forces and the federal and provincial governments, True Patriot Love advocates for the needs of military members and Veterans and ensures resources are directed where they are needed most.

True Patriot Love works closely with sector partners to support the evolving needs of servicemembers in Regular Force, on Reserve, and in transitioning to civilian life and as Veterans. This work centers around four key pillars:

  • Supporting stronger military families, as spouses, caregivers, children, and youth are called upon to make profound sacrifices along with their loved ones
  • Prioritizing well-being, by investing in mental health and transition programs amongst others
  • Improving the rehabilitation and recovery journey through the power of sport, expeditions, and community-based programming
  • Providing resources to organizations that foster connection with communities, whether it be through mentorship, volunteerism, or advocacy.

From global initiatives like the Invictus Games – of which True Patriot Love is the main funder of Team Canada – to local wellness centres and mental health programs, True Patriot Love has a research-backed approach that provides ongoing funding, partnerships and knowledge sharing to Canada’s most vital military and Veteran support programs.

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Since 2019

  • Granted $41 Million
  • 1,025 community based programs + research to guide investments
  • Impacting over 40,000 active service members and Veterans

The Canadian Armed Forces are a professional volunteer force that consists of approximately 68,000 active personnel and 27,000 reserve personnel, with a sub-component of approximately 5,000 Canadian Rangers.

Currently there are over 486,000 Veterans and families in Canada. Every year, about 5,000 military personnel leave the service and join them.

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