At True Patriot Love, we are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of our donors, who enable us to make a positive impact on the lives of military and Veteran communities across Canada. Through the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund, we aim to recognize and celebrate the exceptional leadership qualities displayed by those who serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.

This fund provides national funding to community programs that directly support servicewomen, Veteran women, and their families, empowering their well-being, including mental health and military to civilian transition. In this blog, we will highlight some of the milestones achieved by the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund, thanks to your generous contributions.

Funds Raised:

To date, the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund has raised over $1,000,000. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without the support and dedication of individuals like you who understand the importance of supporting our female military community.

True Patriot Love has granted $37 million to support Veterans and their families, benefitting nearly 40,000 beneficiaries and providing support to almost 1,000 community-based programs nationwide. We take a research-backed approach, collaborating with organizations like the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR) to ensure ongoing funding, partnerships, and knowledge sharing for crucial military and Veteran support programs.

Research Initiative:

In 2021, through the True Patriot Love CIMVHR Research Initiative, True Patriot Love proudly funded a research project titled “Advancing Research on Servicewomen and Women Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces” with proceeds from the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund. The research project updates and consolidates recent literature and applies an analytical lens to the existing research and scoping reviews completed to date. Ultimately, this work efficiently summarizes current Canadian research on serving women and Veterans while providing recommendations for strategic and interdisciplinary research strategy and policymaking. Leveraging the research team, CIMVHR oversaw the study and will provide recommendations for the next steps associated with enhancing this research program. True Patriot Love is proud to have funded this important work which will help to advance health and health policy for Canadian Servicewomen and Women Veterans.

The Pepper Pod – Retreat Centre for Women Veterans:

Transitioning from military service to civilian life can be a challenging mission. That’s why the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund supports initiatives like The Pepper Pod – a retreat center for Women Veterans. With True Patriot Love’s support, this initiative supported the Lifeshop II program at The Pepper Pod helping women from the military Veteran community come together, support each other, and navigate the storms of life. This empowering program enabled participants to heal, find their own path, and realize their full potential.

Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and Landing Strong

Offering women only therapy programming allows for an opportunity to address the impact of trauma in women, as experienced by women, led by women and helps them to adopt recovery strategies tailored to their specific needs. For this reason, in 2022, the Foundation provided funding to the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia and Landing Strong to increase the availability of mental health services and therapy resources to service women and women Veterans living with an operation stress injury and post-traumatic stress.

Team Rubicon Canada

True Patriot Love has been a longstanding partner with Team Rubicon Canada and is delighted to support their programming supporting Veteran women. In 2022, the Foundation provided funding for SWEAT (Service Women’s Education and Training), Team Rubicon Canada’s first women’s focused training program.  SWEAT is designed to empower women to learn or build their skillset in chainsaw operations and learn the tools of mental health first aid. By breaking down barriers to participation, SWEAT helps participants build the confidence to step up on operations and gain resources for positive mental health, on and off deployments.

The following year, the Foundation provided funding for training and mental health programming for women Veterans volunteering with Team Rubicon Canada to serve communities in crisis in Ontario in 2022-23. This initiative also built the capacity of Team Rubicon Canada’s women Veteran staff members through professional development training.

The Captain Nichola Goddard Fund is dedicated to recognizing the resilience, leadership, and sacrifice of our servicewomen and Veteran women. Through the generosity of donors like you, we continue to create a positive and lasting impact on their lives. We are grateful for your support and invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of the Captain Nichola Goddard Fund. Together, we can empower and uplift our remarkable women in uniform, ensuring their well-being and successful transition to civilian life.

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#CaptainGoddardFund #EmpoweringWomenVeterans #TruePatriotLove


Image shared by The Pepper Pod that captures a moment from their Lifeshop II program.


Image shared by Team Rubicon Canada that captures a moment from their SWEAT program.