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The Veterans Transition Network (VTN) provides unique group programs across Canada for Veterans transitioning to civilian life. This gives them a place to help each other and learn how to adapt and thrive in the civilian world. The programs are facilitated by specially trained psychologists, counsellors and graduates of the program.

Thanks to True Patriot Love’s funding, the VTN will provide two formal training programs for VTN paraprofessionals who are alumni of the program providing peer support for new participants.

Program location: Canada-wide


The Veterans Transition Program is based on the model of soldiers helping soldiers. At the heart of that model are our paraprofessionals; program graduates who return to work alongside our clinicians helping fellow veterans transition into civilian life.

VTP paraprofessionals act as the bridge between the military and clinician world, making sure that our program is finely tuned to the needs and experiences of Canada’s veterans.

The Paraprofessional training funded by the Bell TPL Fund will provide our paras with more in depth training of the clinical aspects of our program, and enhance the working relationship between our psychologists and paraprofessionals. The result will be an even stronger facilitation team, and better results for the veterans taking our programs.

Beyond just the benefit to our workshops the paraprofessionals will take these new skills home to their day to day lives, where they often act as peer-supporters for their family, friends and brothers and sisters of the Canadian Forces.

Thank you to the True Patriot Love Foundation and Bell’s Let’s Talk Campaign for making this possible and working with us at VTN to show Canada’s veterans that they’re Nunquam Unus (never alone).

Oliver Thorne
Executive Director, Veteran Transition Network

The outcomes of the VTP can be life altering for those who participate in it, and the relief they find can be immense. This has a rippling effect into the lives of those who are close to them. As a VTP paraprofessional, the realization that I’m not only helping the participant, but also their spouses, children, and communities is quite profound. For me, there is a huge sense of meaning and purpose in the paraprofessional role, as it gives me the chance to help others like myself, and improve the lives of others around them.

The paraprofessional role has also allowed me to grow and continue my own personal development, which seriously began when I took my original VTP. I have a much different sense of self, am more understanding of the world and people around me, and better relationships with those close to me. Since completing the VTP, the paraprofessional role has allowed me to continue to grow and transform, while also helping set others on the path to do the same.

A training event will be really beneficial to me and others in the paraprofessional role. It will allow us to share learnings with one another, to pick up new skills and ultimately learn how to be even more effective in the role. As a VTP paraprofessional, it’s important to receive feedback and guidance, to continue to grow and be more effective in the role, and provide support to VTP participants as best as possible. The paraprofessional training will provide a forum to do that, while also encouraging a sense of community and cohesiveness among VTP paraprofessionals. In short, it would be an important learning opportunity while also helping foster an increased understanding of one another and the importance of the work we do on the VTP.

David Barkes
Veteran Transition Network, Veteran Transition Program Paraprofessional

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