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With funding from True Patriot Love, Veteran participants will take part in six evidence-based peer support training workshops led by a mental health worker. Each participant will have the opportunity to learn how to provide effective peer support to fellow Veterans and help them with positive growth.

Participants will earn a certificate for 16 hours of evidence-based peer support training from the Mood Disorders Society of Canada.

Program location: Montreal, Toronto and Calgary

Mood Disorders Society of Canada is very grateful to deliver the two-day Peer and Trauma Support System (PATSS) training to Canadian Veterans, funded by  the Bell True Patriot Love Fund.

There is no substitute for being among people who have gone through the same things and who share their knowledge and experience. The PATSS program assists Veterans and their families in  healing and will provide the foundation for the Veterans to use peer support to maintain wellness and support each other to live fulfilling lives.

This program provides a safe place for Veterans who have experienced trauma, whether acute, or long-term such as PTSD, depression or anxiety, to share and experience positive growth.  We are very proud that program graduates then move on to assist their peers through knowledge sharing and ongoing support. The Veterans attending these workshops benefit from the new competencies they possess, but then in turn, take these skills forward to benefit other veterans.

Dave Gallson
National Executive Director, Mood Disorders Society of Canada

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