“Our souls crave connection and belonging …”

Are you familiar with the term ‘pepper potting’? It’s a military maneuver used when advancing for advancing toward the enemy. The idea is that when you move ahead, I cover you. And then I move ahead, and you cover me. Kind of like leap frogging. So no matter the direction, I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine.

That was the central idea for The Pepper Pod, founded by Lieutenant-Colonel Sandra Perron, Canada’s first female infantry officer, part of the famous “Vandoos” Royal 22e Régiment and bestselling author of Out Standing in the Field, a memoir soon to be a movie. It has been Sandra’s dream for years to create a soft spot for women to land when transitioning out of the military or RCMP. Our souls crave connection and belonging, and connecting with others helps us connect to our own lives.

I took one of The Pepper Pod ‘Lifeshops’ 22 years after I retired from a career I loved in the Canadian Forces. I went into the weekend inspired and curious. And my experience was nothing short of earth shattering. It awakened a new chapter for me, helping me make peace and prioritize what matters in my life. When you go through the program, you and your tribe have an instant, profound, nurturing and meaningful friendships. No matter our past experiences or rank, we are here for each other.

Pepper Pod programming is unique, and it’s tailored specifically to the women veterans’ community. Ideally, the organizations would like to reach as many women as possible. Right now, there are waiting lists for the programs, which are offered across the country at no cost to women Veterans. We are grateful for every gift, and with more crucial support we can transform the lives of even more women Veterans.

– Catherine Priestman, Veteran and Graduate of The Pepper Pod

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