There are over 700,000 Canadian military members and Veterans who, along with their families, make it their mission to protect us 365 days of the year. Many of them live with challenges related to military service. In fact, one-third of Canadians who leave the military have trouble transitioning to civilian life, and children from military families experience mental health issues at double the rate of civilian kids.

Hear from the military and Veteran community and see how your gift can help us make a life-changing difference:
  • Meet Jeff

    Jeff was diagnosed with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. Thanks to a True Patriot Love funded program, Jeff was able to take part in an impactful program that gave him the tools to continue on his journey of recovery.


    Meet Lori

    With her husband diagnosed with mental health illnesses and being released from the military, Lori was overwhelmed. See how a True Patriot Love funded program gave Lori renewed strength and hope.

True Patriot Love Foundation provides funding to programs that support military members, Veterans and  families in need.

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