Calgary, AB (April 21, 2016) – Prospect Human Services is pleased to receive a $250,000 donation from True Patriot Love Foundation to support its military employment transition program, Forces@WORK.

Prospect’s Forces@WORK program is a rapid direct job placement and retention service designed for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and Veterans, specifically the ill and injured population, those facing a complex transition, or facing a challenge securing stable and accommodating civilian employment that maximizes their career potential.

In 2010, Prospect reconnected with the challenges military personnel often face in transitioning to civilian employment, and quickly recognized how its employment placement and retention model could fill a critical gap in the existing transition services for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) personnel and employers.

Prospect designed the Forces@WORK pilot program to address the gap and has been serving CAF members and Veterans in Alberta and Northern Canada since 2012. There are a number of great services that get individuals to the point of transition – Forces@WORK gets the individual and the employer through the transition process and ensures the placement stabilizes. Since 2012, Forces@WORK has worked with over 500 individuals. The funds from True Patriot Love were used to support over 140 placements for Alberta-based Veterans during 2015.

According to Prospect CEO Melanie Mitra, “This funding from True Patriot Love has come at the perfect time. While the job market has become extremely competitive, employers are prioritizing skilled candidates and they’re recognizing that the people Forces@WORK serves – including the ill and injured have the skills they’re looking for. Forces@WORK has demonstrated the need for hands-on placement and retention services, and will continue to help Veterans and their families maintain their quality of life.”

The $250,000 donation was raised directly from the True Patriot Love Scotiabank Expedition: Antarctica, the third expedition that True Patriot Love has organized since 2011. The expedition, which took place earlier this year, required the civilian participants to fundraise a minimum of $50,000 as part of their expedition adventure.

“True Patriot Love is proud to support Prospect’s Forces@WORK program,” said Bronwen Evans, CEO, True Patriot Love Foundation. “Providing many deserving Veterans’ with access to the support they need during their challenging transition to a civilian life will make a real difference in their lives.”

The cheque presentation took place at the Prospect Human Services head office, located in Calgary.

L-R: Meg Hinton, Prospect Board Co-chair; Melanie Mitra, Prospect CEO; Bronwen Evans, True Patriot Love CEO; Robert Pearce, Prospect Board Co-chair.

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