New fund to be used to assist in resettlement of Afghan interpreters, locally employed people and their families.

donate nowAfghan interpreters, cultural advisors and locally employed people were essential to Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. These individuals choose to support Canada and our values, despite the inherent risks. Now that the Taliban is regaining control of Afghanistan, the lives of those who offered their assistance and the lives of  their families are in immediate danger. The Government of Canada has announced special measures to bring them to Canada safely and help them resettle but there will be much additional support needed.

True Patriot Love Foundation, in partnership with organizations across the country, has launched a fund to be used to assist in their resettlement once they arrive in Canada.  The fund will also be used to provide support for the many Canadian Veterans who served alongside these brave people and are struggling with the deteriorating conditions in Afghanistan.

The fund will be distributed across Canada to local organizations working directly with Afghan refugees and their families as they adapt to life in Canada, providing support for legal costs, housing, language training, mental health supports, employment and education training and more.

If you are interested in offering your support, you can make a secure online donation now