Master Corporal (Retired) Jeff A. received lifechanging support thanks to True Patriot Love’s funding of the Veterans Transition Program. Offered by the Veterans Transition Network, this program is run by specially trained psychologists, counsellors and graduates of the program and provides participants with group therapy sessions and tools to manage the unique challenges related to military service.

True Patriot Love Foundation has funded the Veterans Transition Network since 2012.  In 2018 alone, True Patriot Love’s support allowed for 23 Veterans to successfully graduate from the program.

In 1997, I was diagnosed with major depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. I tried different mental health treatment facilities and workshops but none of them seemed to work.

Then came the Veteran Transition Program, run by Veteran Transition Network.

At first, I was hesitant to attend as I had a long history of unsuccessful group therapy sessions. But I’m glad I attended this one.

The clinicians were great and created a program that was applicable to my life and the lives of the other amazing Veterans I had the honour of meeting in the program. They really understood what we’d been through and the unique needs we had because of our military service.

Throughout the program, which spanned over three weekends, I learned how to reconnect with myself and was given tools to manage the various traumas that were holding me back from experiencing real healing.

I am truly grateful for this program as it has been instrumental in rebuilding myself.  I am now a better person, father, husband and Veteran.

Help True Patriot Love Foundation continue to fund programs like the Veterans Transition Program that help Veterans like Jeff  transition into life after service.