It is 7:45 p.m. and I am in the tent. It has been a full and very good day and it is not over yet.

After a quick breakfast we readied all the gear and people to send in half the group. We had 4 snowmobiles with konatiks three were for people and one for gear. We had one huge sled with two boxes for 6 people. The ride started bumpy and cold but soon the trail smoothed out and the sun came out. We made good time across the ice. We saw several amazingly huge icebergs frozen in the ice and we were blessed to see a mommy polar bear with two newly born cubs. They were so small they could hardly walk. They just kind of stumbled along. Fortunately they were far from our camping spot.

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After 3.5 hours we arrived at our home for the night. We set about putting up tents and melting snow for water. The sun made it feel very warm and we took out time outside the tents. After dinner at 6:30 the sun disappeared over the ridge of the valley. The rock walls are huge all around us.

The second group is yet to arrive. I expect them between 9-10 tonight. We will give them a hot water bottle and put them to bed. We will have a lazy start to tomorrow of about 7 and will head for the Owl river shelter.

Everyone is doing well and happy.

Good night from Baffin.