Frequent deployments and the absence of a father, mother or sibling at milestone events are just the beginning of the unique challenges faced by those in a family that serve the nation. The impact of service is long lasting and can be felt within military families even after a serving member retires.

Through our work, we have deep knowledge of the unique needs of military families, and through the TPL Family & Children Fund, we provide grants ($5,000-$50,000) to programs that directly support and enhance the lives of children and youth in all regions of Canada.

The application window is now CLOSED. 

Application Form

Cycle 1: CLOSED

  • 2019 TPL Family & Children Fund Opens: early January 2020
  • 2019 TPL Family & Children Fund Closes: early March 2020

Cycle 2: CLOSED

  • 2019 TPL Family & Children Fund Opens: early September 2019
  • 2019 TPL Family & Children Fund Closes: early November 2019


  • Canadian Registered Charity
  • Programming in support of military families, including children and youth (e.g., spousal supports, couples counselling, camps, special needs, tutoring, wellness and other similar programming)
  • Collaboration between organizations is encouraged – the proposed program must benefit the military community and at least one organization must be a Canadian registered charity
  • Applications must be received during the application window of January 14, 2019 – March 4, 2019 at 5:00pm EST.

Specific Criteria

  • The TPL Family & Children Fund supports projects that improve delivery of and access to programming for military families, children and youth
  • Projects should leverage, expand or replicate proven programs and services already being offered by MFRCs or other organizations that provide support to military families, children and youth
  • Having secured funding from other sources for the project is an asset
  • Applications should be evidence-based and must have clear objectives, a measurement plan and specifically address project sustainability post funding
  • Specify the number or increased number of individuals helped through the project
  • Expected number of beneficiaries/participants/individuals served and supported by the project
  • Geographic scope
  • Budget and supporting financial documents are provided and allow for a clear financial assessment
  • Previous funding application status and other formal funding partnerships
  • Resource Assessment (Environment, Human, Industry)
  • Strategy for continued funding after disbursed funds have been used
Expected Outcomes
  • Ability to communicate and promote the fund before, during and after the application process
  • Measurement of success of the program including potential impact of funding
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