True Patriot Love provides the opportunity for charities and organizations to apply for funding of programs that are aligned with the foundation’s mandate.

As a foundation, True Patriot Love supports initiatives within the pillars of family support, mental health, physical rehabilitation and all facets of Veteran transition to benefit the active service members of the Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans and their families. We recognize and respect that overlap may exist among these initiatives, and our funds take this into consideration.

Our Funds

TPL Family & Children Fund

Providing funding for programs and services that support military families, children and youth in all regions of Canada.

Application window is now closed.


TPL Family & Veteran Transition Fund

Providing funding for programs services that support military families and Veterans as they transition into civilian life.

Application window is now closed.


The Captain Nichola Goddard Fund

Providing funding for programs and services that support servicewomen, female Veterans and their families across Canada with priority given to Atlantic and Northern Canada.

Application window is now closed.


Bell True Patriot Love Fund

Providing funding for programs and services that support mental health programs for military families, Veterans, and serving members.

Application window is now closed.


True Patriot Love may accept grant applications for larger funding requests on a rolling basis. This process allows for TPL to learn about new and promising initiatives across the country in real time and to directly support top priority concerns in a timely and effective manner.

Please complete and submit the general application form to allow for an accurate assessment of feasibility and need. All applications are to be submitted to

Additional Information


Applications are reviewed in consultation with appropriate Fund Partners, the Disbursement Advisory Committee, and the True Patriot Love Board of Directors. Approval by the TPL Board of Directors is required for grant disbursement. The TPL Board meets once every financial quarter and reserves the right to accept, decline or amend recommendations.

The True Patriot Love Disbursement Advisory Committee is appointed to provide expertise and national representation for insight on areas of need and programming to benefit the Canadian military community. The Disbursement Advisory Committee is composed of representatives from the military, academia, government and the community.


Canadian registered charities are eligible for consideration. Successful grant recipients will submit strong applications with details on programming which will be of direct benefit to Canadian Armed Forces service members, Veterans and their families. A Canadian Revenue Agency number is required.

  • Any program or service that is already offered or funded by the government (to find out what governmental services, programs and funding you may be eligible for, please visit National Defence and Canadian Forces, for regular and reservist members of the Canadian Forces, or Veterans Affairs Canada, for Veterans)
  • Programs that do not directly impact Canadian Veterans and military families
  • Politically-affiliated programs or organizations or lobbyists
  • Religious organizations
  • Individuals or individual families
  • Multimedia and art productions including projects, including films (documentary and feature), music and plays
  • Individual researchers
  • Staff salaries
  • Attendance at events, including conferences

Grant applications which address and provide details on the requirements below will be given preference. The following general application evaluation criteria apply to all applications:

  • Program: Alignment and assessment of proposed project with True Patriot Love Foundation’s strategic goals and within the mandate of sponsoring partners (if applicable).
  • Demographic: Expected number of beneficiaries/participants and geographic area representation.
  • Financial: Budget and supporting financial documents are provided and allow for a clear financial assessment, including previous funding application status and other formal funding partnerships information. All applications are to include an annual report.
  • Sustainability: Resource Assessment (Environment, Human, Industry) and strategy for continued funding after disbursed funds have been used is required.
  • Expected Outcomes: Ability to communicate and promote the fund before, during and after the application process. Measurement of success of the program including strong impact reporting.