Physical Health & Rehabilitation

Since True Patriot Love’s inception, we have committed more than $3.9 million to ensure the physical health and rehabilitation of our severely injured military members, veterans and their families. Through the Military Families Fund (MFF) we have been able to provide these brave men and women with home modifications and vehicle purchases, as well as travel and accommodation, so families could visit injured loved ones.

We have also provided $130,000 to a variety of charities to help our severely injured veterans take on great physical challenges, including re-learning how to ski through organizations like the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing and Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snow Sports, and attending the Paralympics to witness firsthand the capabilities of those facing similar challenges.

The Scotiabank True Patriot Love Fund for Wounded Veterans

Scotiabank Bright Future

In 2014, the Scotiabank True Patriot Love Fund for Wounded Veterans was founded to provide charitable organizations from across Canada with a total of $600,000 over three years in support of our ill and injured soldiers and their families.

With Scotiabank and True Patriot Love matching funds for the program, the fund will distribute $200,000 annually (between 2014-2016), in grants up to $25,000, for programs addressing physical rehabilitation needs and employment transition supports for the ill and injured.

For more information about the Scotiabank True Patriot Love Fund for Wounded Veterans, please click here.