Funding FAQ

Is it possible to seek feedback on a project prior to submitting a completed application?

Yes, True Patriot Love offers an assessment of fit for each particular Fund.  At this stage, TPL reserves the right to discourage application should the application not meet criteria or be otherwise ineligible.

Do we need to use the TPL application form or may we submit under our own format?

A TPL application form must be used. An appendix with additional information may be attached.

Can an application be submitted in French?

Yes, a French application form is available for all funding requests.

How can I apply for a grant that does not fit into the mandates of the recognized funds?

An Open Application may be completed and submitted to The application should adhere to the General Application Evaluation Criteria. Although there is no limit to the amount of funding requested, True Patriot Love reserves the right to decline funding or approve for a lesser amount.

When are call for proposals launched?

The TPL Family & Children Fund will run for two cycles in 2017.  The first cycle opens in March.  The second cycle opens in August.

The TPL Family & Transition Fund will run for two cycles in 2017.  The first cycle opens in March.  The second cycle opens in August.

The Bell True Patriot Love Fund opens in April 2017.

Does TPL keep the information submitted confidential?

True Patriot Love is very respectful of confidentiality. Application details are only discussed with the experts consulted to gain further insight into the needs of the military community across Canada. With the bird’s eye view we gain, examples of successful programs may be promoted and introductions made between individual organizations to enable a discussion on best practices and collaboration.

How many times can an organization apply for funding?

There is no limit on the number of times an organization may apply for funding. Organizations may also apply for funding every year, regardless of previous approvals/declines/amendments (no sit out period).

Can organizations from outside Canada apply for funding?

No, organizations must be Canadian registered charities. A Canada Revenue Agency Number is required.

Which TPL Fund should my organization apply to?

The Bell TPL Fund exists for programs related to mental health and wellness. The Family & Children Fund  is appropriate for programs related to family supports, including but not limited to, camps, children with special needs, tutoring, child care and  leadership development in youth. The TPL Family & Transition Fund is suitable for funding applications related to the unique challenges a family and Veteran face while transitioning from a military career to a civilian career and lifestyle.

My pre-application or application was not successful. Can I get feedback?

For unsuccessful applications, True Patriot Love provides feedback via an electronic Decision Letter sent to the principal contact listed on the application form. Given the high volume of applications and attention paid to each Decision Letter, additional feedback is not available.

Does TPL require a project report and evaluation?

Yes. All programs that receive funding from TPL will need to submit an impact report on their activities and expenditures. This will help us to measure the program’s impact and to help ensure that funds were spent appropriately. Depending on program timing, an Interim Impact Report may be required in addition to a Final Impact Report. Impact reports must include testimonials and photographs.

Failure to submit impact reporting may result in the withdrawal of funding and ineligibility for future funding.

Does TPL fund accommodation, food and/or travel to attend conferences?

TPL funding is directed toward programming which contributes to one of the four mandates of the Foundation. Generally, accommodation, food and travel are not directly funded. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

Can my organization apply to more than one fund?

Yes, organizations may apply for more than one fund. A separate application form is required for each application.

Does TPL accept research applications?

No, not directly. True Patriot Love’s funding of research and innovation is primarily through the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR). Researchers and Masters students are encouraged to contact CIMVHR directly for funding inquiries.

I am a veteran and my family is in financial difficulty. Can TPL provide us with funding?

With regret, True Patriot Love is limited by the mandate to only consider funding of organizations offering programs focused on mental health, physical rehabilitation, veteran transition, family supports and research/innovation. TPL does not provide financial funding to individuals or families directly.

If the above FAQs did not answer your question, please contact:

Namita Joshi, Manager of Disbursements & Innovation

Phone: (416) 628 4972