TPL Family & Children Fund

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces dedicate their lives to the service of a nation at a sacrifice to their families.  The smallest, youngest members of those families are asked to carry the burden of a nation on their shoulders.  These military children are shining lights, boldly resilient and often times, wise beyond their years.

The military family has been a focus of True Patriot Love’s attention and efforts since inception.    Frequent deployments and the absence of a father, mother, or sibling at milestone events are just the beginning of the unique challenges faced by those in a family that serves the nation.  The impact of service is long lasting and can be felt within military families even after a serving member retires.

Frequent moves make it difficult for children of military families to form strong bonds and friendships.  The uncertainty of what is occurring in the life of a serving member can add undue stress and anxiety to an already strained situation.  It is a known fact that children thrive in stable environments with regular routines: cross country moves – from an urban city to a rural town; from an Anglophone region to a Francophone region; from one provincial school system to another … all adding further uncertainty to the life of a child.  Through our work at True Patriot Love, we are aware of the unique needs of military families.

The TPL Family & Children Fund will fund programs in support of military families, children and youth in all regions of Canada.

For our general application form, please click HERE.


  • Canadian Registered Charity.
  • Programming in support of military families, including children and youth (Examples – spousal supports, couples counselling, camps, special needs, tutoring, wellness and other similar programming)
  • Collaboration between organizations is encouraged – the proposed program must benefit the military community and at least one organization must be a Canadian registered charity.
  • Applications for Cycle 1 must be received during the application window of Wed. Mar. 15, 2017 – Mon. Apr. 24, 2017, at 5pm EST



Cycle 1 OPEN

2017 TPL Family & Children Fund Opens Wed. Mar. 15, 2017
2017 TPL Family & Children Fund Closes Mon. Apr.24, 2017


Cycle 2 CLOSED

2017 TPL Family & Children Fund Opens August 2017
2017 TPL Family & Children Fund Closes October 2017


Specific Criteria


  • The TPL Family & Children Fund supports projects that improve delivery of and access to programming for military families, children and youth
  • Projects should leverage, expand or replicate proven programs and services already being offered by MFRCs or other organizations who provide support to military families, children and youth
  • Having secured funding from other sources for the project is an asset
  • Applications should be evidence- based and must have clear objectives, a measurement plan and specifically address project sustainability post funding
  • Specify the number or increased number of individuals helped through the project


  • Expected number of beneficiaries/participants/individuals served and supported by the project
  • Geographic scope


  • Budget and supporting financial documents are provided and allow for a clear financial assessment
  • Previous funding application status and other formal funding partnerships


  • Resource Assessment (Environment, Human, Industry)
  • Strategy for continued funding after disbursed funds have been used

Expected Outcomes

  • Ability to communicate and promote the Fund before, during and after the application process
  • Measurement of success of the program including potential impact of funding


For more information, please contact:

Namita Joshi, Manager of Disbursements & Innovation

Phone: (416) 628 4972