Grant Recipients

Bell True Patriot Love Fund

Launched in 2013, the Bell True Patriot Love Fund is a $1-million program providing grants from $5,000 up to $25,000 to community mental health initiatives for Canadian military families, Veterans and serving members. Here are the 2016 grant recipients.

2016 Bell TPL Fund Grant Recipients


Based in Terrebonne, Québec, Equi-sens offers equine therapy for military personnel and Veterans living with PTSD and their families.

Guitars for Vets

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this program offers peer support through guitar lessons and music therapy for Veterans with PTSD across Canada.

Legacy Place Society

Legacy Place Houses offer short term, confidential housing for military personnel receiving mental health assistance and support during crisis situations. Houses are located in Calgary, Edmonton and Red Deer, Alberta.

Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Women’s trauma support program in Perth, Ontario for military personnel living with PTSD.

Murphy’s Legacy Society

Bilingual group support therapy delivered through the COPE Program – “Couples Overcoming PTSD Everyday”.

National Service Dogs

Certified Service Dogs for military personnel and Veterans living with PTSD based in Cambridge, Ontario.


A web-based peer support program for caregivers in military families across the province.

Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurial education, tools and resources for transitioning Veterans across the country who are interested in starting their own businesses. Funding will assist the 74% of boot camp participants who are released due to medical conditions such as PTSD, to find a new civilian mission and their own success.

St. John’s MFRC, Newfoundland

A pilot equine treatment program to improve mental health resilience and enhance coping and communication skills for military families.

Strongest Families Institute

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this program provides evidence-based distance coaching to military families with children living with anxiety and behavioral concerns. This funding will support Canadian Rangers families in Northern Ontario, the majority of whom are Indigenous.

Trenton MFRC , Ontario

In partnership with the Canadian Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, Trenton MFRC will deliver workshops focused on developing resiliency within military families.

University of Manitoba

Classroom delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with Mindfulness Course in Mental Resilience, will provide training for mental health professionals and peer support staff to improve services for the military community in Manitoba.

Veterans Transition Network

Clinically driven, peer support program to assist Veterans living with mental illness. This grant will allow VTN to expand the program in Quebéc and Manitoba.


*All funding is directed toward Canadian Armed Forces members, veterans and their families

*Bell TPL Fund 2016 decisions were approved by the True Patriot Love Board of Directors at a meeting held on September 27, 2016 in Toronto, Canada.


Bell TPL Fund Grant Recipients 2015

  • PEI MFRC – OPERATION – Building Bridges
  • Greenwood MFRC – Fun Friends, Friends for Life, Friends Youth, Kids have Stress Too
  • Strongest Families Institute – Evidence-based Distance Coaching for Mental Health in Children
  • Anne’s Hospital Foundation – Introduction to yoga and mindfulness techniques for Veterans, military personnel and their families
  • Equi-sens – Equine therapy for PTSD with use of EAGALA model
  • Borden MFRC – “From Darkness to Light” – Youth Mental Health Summit
  • London MFRC – Supporting Adult Children with Operational Stress Injury
  • Toronto MFRC – Strengthening the Pillars of Military Families’ Mental Health
  • The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre Foundation – Perley Rideau Recreation and Creative Arts Program
  • Calgary MFRC – Moving Forward Retreat
  • Winnipeg MFRC – Friends for Life, Fun Friends – Evidence based programs to provide children and families tools to deal with stress, anxiety and change
  • Mainland BC MFRC – Empowering Resiliency Retreat
  • Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur – National program for ill and injured transitioning CAF members interested in starting their own business
  • Veterans Transition Network – Expansion of clinically guided Veteran transition program to Quebec and Ontario
  • Legacy Place Society –  Legacy Place Houses for crisis situations


Bell TPL Fund Grant Recipients 2014

  • Halifax & Region MFRC – Resiliency Training for the unique military lifestyle
  • Greenwood MFRC – 2015 Family focused mental health wellness programming
  • Valcartier MFRC – Mental Health Therapeutic Support Groups
  • Hope Reins – War Horse Project – Equine Therapy for PTSD
  • Phoenix Centre – Petawawa Mental Health Walk-In Clinic
  • Toronto MFRC – Training for Couples Therapy
  • North Bay MFRC – OSSIS Family focused wellness therapy
  • London MFRC  – Relationship Tools for Military Couples
  • Winnipeg MFRC  – Women’s Conference Promoting Mental Health And Resiliency
  • Shilo MFRC – OSISS Family Retreat
  • Central Saskatchewan MFRC – Mental Health First Aid Certificate for Veterans
  • Esquimalt MFRC – Smooth Transition to Civilian Life
  • Mainland BC MFRC – Family Communication Course
  • Veterans Transition Network – Expansion of VTN program to Quebec
  • Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur – National expansion of entrepreneurship workshops for veteran
  • Paws Fur Thought – Service Dogs for Veterans


Bell TPL Fund Grant Recipients 2013

  • Greenwood MFRC – School Liaison Coordinating access to mental health supports
  • Halifax MFRC – Focus on Women’s Wellness: Mind Body Spirit
  • Valcartier MFRC – Youth Mental Health Prevention
  • NCR MFRC – Strengthening Our Families
  • Toronto MFRC – Dynamic Military Family Workshop Series
  • London MFRC – Monthly OSISS meetings
  • Petawawa MFRC – Youth of Parents who have experienced trauma
  • Winnipeg MFRC – Family Support Tools and Tips
  • Winnipeg MFRC – Children’s Book: When a Parent is Ill or Injured
  • Central Saskatchewan MFRC – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
  • Moose Jaw MFRC – Resiliency Training for Families Affected by OSI
  • Mainland BC – Surviving Sorry II: Self Care for Silver Cross Mothers and Fathers
  • Comox MFRC – Clinical Training: Couple’s Counseling
  • Comox MFRC – Family Violence Prevention
  • Outward Bound Canada – Adventure based resiliency training for veterans
  • Veterans Transition Network -Peer-to-Peer workshops for veterans living with PTSD