Island Peak, Himalayas (2012)

On October 7, 2012, reserve and retired soldiers of the Canadian Armed Forces, and Canadian business leaders trekked the 20,305 ft. high Island Peak, a mere 10 kilometers away from Everest, in the Himalayas. The first True Patriot Love expedition raised $433,000 for Canadian Military families and veterans across the country.

Military Families Fund (MFF)

The funds raised from the 2012 True Patriot Love Expedition was disbursed to the Military Families Fund (MFF), a initiative created to respond to military members and their families within hours of being advised of need. Through the MFF, the funds from the expedition were supportive of home and vehicle modifications for veterans with physical injuries in order to assist them in their rehabilitation and to enhance their independence. To date, 3 modified vehicles for injured soldiers were purchased, and 4 families were assisted with home modifications, for a total investment of $115,000.

Meet David MacDonald adam8

David, a soldier team participant, was injured during service in a rollover while on patrol in Afghanistan. His physical and mental injuries were extensive. Dealing with the depression, confusion and anger, David went back to school to complete a diploma in Fire Sciences & Technical Firefigher Studies, and he graduated the top of his class. The challenge with finding employment post-graduation, along with his impending divorce, caused him to fall back into his depression, and it was during that time he attempted to take his own life.

His life dramatically changed in 2012 when he took part in the True Patriot Love Expedition to the Himalayas. Since returning from the expedition, he has dedicated his life to raise support for military families, working as a paid intern at True Patriot Love before becoming the National Partnerships Director with Wounded Warriors Canada.

Himalayas Expedition