True Patriot Love Scotiabank Expedition: BEST OF CANADA (2017)

The True Patriot Love Foundation (TPL) is thrilled to announce the next adventure in our expedition series – True Patriot Love Scotiabank Expedition: BEST OF CANADA. In honour of Canada 150, True Patriot Love has chosen to celebrate the varied landscape of our great nation by exploring three remote locations. Taking place in the Summer of 2017, BEST OF CANADA will challenge ill and injured soldiers and Canadian business leaders to take on some of the most unique adventures from coast to coast to coast. Whether it’s rafting in Central BC, canoeing in the Northwest Territories or kayaking the shores of Newfoundland, each expedition provides its own set of challenges.

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Building on the success of True Patriot Love’s previous expeditions to the Himalayas (2012), the North Pole (2014) and Antarctica (2016), BEST OF CANADA aims to bring together a team of currently serving members or Veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces with business and community leaders to take on unique physical challenges together. Working as a team to complete a mission, participants will face physical, emotional, and mental roadblocks over a two-week period. By doing so, these individuals will get outside of their comfort zone and become a team. In addition to reaching their physical goal, the expedition team will collectively raise critical funds and awareness for the brave Veterans of our Canadian Armed Forces and their families. While fundraising is an important feature of the expedition series, the expeditions also provide an opportunity for participating soldier team members to face personal challenges on their journey of transition into civilian life. Many soldier team members are dealing with visible and invisible injuries as a result of their service, and this experience will provide them the opportunity to share their stories, bond with other participants, and transition into a fulfilling civilian role following service.

The three expeditions will be completely independent experiences, with three teams of 30 participants each – 10 soldier team members, and 20 civilian team members.

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EAST – The Cabot (June 9 – 17, 2017)
Co-Chairs: Ben Cowan-Dewar and Mike Durland

In 1497, European explorer John Cabot sailedFogo Island
across the Atlantic on the ship Matthew and laid
claim to land in Eastern Canada. In 2017, True Patriot
Love expeditioners will become explorers in their
own right, exploring the coast of Newfoundland on
an intensive sea kayak adventure. Participants will
cross the open waters of the Bay of Exploits until
they reach the incredible Fogo Island. Explore one
of the four corners of the world at the Fogo Island
Inn, celebrating the completion of the journey with
an East coast boil up and community tour.


Day 1: Arrive in Gander; welcome presentation and dinner
Day 2: Coach bus to Bay of Exploits put in. Begin kayak through Newfoundland
Day 3-7: Kayak through Newfoundland’s Bay of Exploits towards Fogo island
Day 8: Arrive at final destination – Fogo Island!
Day 9: Celebration Feast with local community
Day 10: Return Home

For more information on The Cabot, please click HERE.

WEST – The Mackenzie (July 9-23, 2017)
Co-Chairs: Rick Byers and Susan McArthur

Sir Alexander Mackenzie was the first person to cross North America in 1793. He completed his journey 10 years before Lewis and Clarke with the help of voyageurs and First Nations guides. Join us as we recreate the final leg of his monumental journey. We will hike over the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, white-water raft down the Bella Coola River and then paddle ocean canoes out to his historic inscription: “First crossing of North America by land, July 22, 1793.” To celebrate the completion of this journey, the expedition participants will enjoy a traditional feast in the First Nations community of Bella Coola.


Day 1: Arrive in Vancouver for connection to Nimpo Lake via Pacific Coastal Air. Set up camp for one night
Day 2-6: Fly from Nimp Lake to Tanya Lake and hike the Alexander Mackenzie trail to Alexander Mackenzie western Tweedsmuir Park Trail head.
Day 7: Set up camp at McCall Flats on the banks of the Bella Coola River
Day 8: Raft the Bella Coola River
Day 9: Camp at Talio Cannery Inn, located at the Bella Coola Estuary. Prepare for ocean paddle
Day 10-13: Paddle from Talio Cannery to Alexander Mackenzie inscription
Day 14: Return via Marine Support vessel to Bella Coola. Celebratory feast in Bella Coola in conjunction with Nuxalk Nation.
Day 15: Return Home

For more information on The Mackenzie, please click HERE.

NORTH – The Douglas (July 29-August 12, 2017)
Chair: Bill Webb

In the early 1900’s, Canadian explorer George Douglas
devoted his life to discovering remote areas of the great Canadian Northwest by canoe. In 2017, True Patriot Love will take on this same land on a challenging white water canoe expedition through the wilderness. This iconic river trip will start on the Keele River in the foothills of the Mackenzie Mountains and culminates with a community feast in the historic First Nations community of Tulita.


Day 1: Arrive in Edmonton; one night in a hotel in Edmonton
Day 2: Fly to Normal Wells; accommodation at Canoe North Adventures to prepare for expedition
Day 3: Charter floatplane to Keele River. Short paddle to Camp 1. Paddle training and practice
Day 4: Full-day river paddle to Camp 2
Day 5: Full-day hike on Bloor Mountain
Day 6-10: Paddle Keel River. Optional evening hikes.
Day 11-12: Confluence with Historic Mackenzie River; paddle Mackenzie River
Day 13: Arrive in historic First Nations community of Tulita for community feastReturn to Normal Wells on float plane
Day 14: Return Home

For more information on The Douglas, please click HERE.

For information about joining the civilian team, please read the expedition descriptions below and contact Kristina Schreiber at

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